How to: Choose the Size of Adidas Stan Smith Casual Shoes


As a totally novice to post an article here, holding tried state of mind in the arms, I would appreciate it if you just take this illogical article as a funny story. But if I could really do you some help, then that must be worthwhile for me.

The green stan smith is what my husband wanted, so I had been waiting for a very long time for sales promotion on the internet. By chance there was one at ebay: 49.9 dollars for a pair and if you buy things for 60 dollars,you can only pay 50 dollars. In that case, I bought two. From registering in ebay to choosing the size of shoes, looking for forwarder, and paying for shoes and transshipment, all things above had been done in 21 days from October 17th to November 7th and finally I got them! However, they were on the large side. Then I shall tell you this tough experience.

1.About the size and quality of the shoes

Since there was no sales promotion for men’s, I chose the women’s( the Night Light version) for myself, and so for my husband. Actually, my shoes size should be 7 for UK size( 38 for European) , my husband’s should be 8(41). Yet he pretended to be a professor in this area, leading me to buy the 7.5 and 9.5( women’s 9.5 is the same as men’s 8.5) . Tell you the lesson of blood, just buy the usual size. The green adidas stan smith is a little bigger than usual shoes, absolutely not much bigger.

When I unboxed them,although there is no crashworthy things, the packing is complete with no damage. The thing was I see no A4 paper of adidas official manuals that other net friends showed. But just try to believe this shop at ebay because it’s the best selling one. As for whether it is quality goods, I can’t tell. Beside the size number inside the shoes, a big “made in China” and I looked at each other! Ah! It was not easy to move from home to abroad and from abroad home. I tried it on, the easy matching style, the round head, it was suitable for any foot type.

How to: Choose the Size of Adidas Stan Smith Casual Shoes

How to: Choose the Size of Adidas Stan Smith Casual Shoes

2. About ebay and paybal

Experienced a lot of failure, I finished registering ebay. Calling verification, mobile phone number verification, paybal abroad registering but associated wrong or something, what’s more, unable to settle in the shopping cart, they were killing me! Luckily, all of these thing are taught in many ebay tutorial. Just follow the steps then it is OK. As for the paybal,registering a domestic account is enough. Anyway place an order last is very easy and convenient.

3. About transshipment

I was using the Courier, transshipping two pairs of shoes cost me around $140, which is not expensive. The ebay delivery to forwarder was very quick, but my shoes had been kept in the Courier for several days, and then directly sent to the domestic. Writing 21 days on the package, which was not a long time.

4. About my impulse

After I found the shoes bought were oversized, I bought abroad two different but smaller stan smith impulsively when the former two pairs had not got home. A pair of men’s is 7.5 yards, the other is kids’ 5.5 yards, but I have a bad foreboding: they are too small. So I am going to ebay to return them according to the return tutorial, slowly groping. Do you think I really like tossing about?

I’ve talked so much, thank you for reading, and thanks for ValueQ.



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