How to Curl Your Hair: 10 Best Video Tutorials #hair_curling #hair


When it comes to curling hair, we all lust after those gorgeous curls we see on all the famous people (cough, cough the Kardashians). The actual curling hair part can be a bit tricky though. So, we here at Beauty High thought in order to make all of our lives easier, we should bring together the best YouTube curling hair tutorials into one place.

We turn to YouTube to find a variety of tricks and tips on products or technique suggestions. From short hair, long hair, thick, or thin we found all your curling needs. Not to mention videos on heatless curlingand even curling with a straightener! Especially with the weather getting crisper, hair is less likely to fall out of style. Flip through the slideshow and watch how to get your curls to the best of their ability.

Watch this video for soft curls and a cute headband you can make yourself.

Watch this video to learn how to get those gorgeous beachy waves using a curling wand!

This video shows you how to keep rocking curls for two days striaght. Perfect for those girls on the go in the morning!

These curls are amazing for a night out or a day you want to make a great impression.

We dream of the big and bouncy curls from the Victoria’s Secret Models and now you can get them too!

Here we learn how to use a straightener to curl our hair, who knew it was so easy!

DulceCandy’s product suggestions for what to use when curling hair are great and will keep them in all day long.

These curls are made to look like Taylor Swift’s iconic curls and are also heatless – which is a great break for hair.

This girl has some seriously long locks, and she curls them to perfection.

Calling all short haired girls, this messy curl how-to video is totally made for you.

How to Curl Your Hair: 10 Best Video Tutorials #hair_curling #hair