How To Detoxify Kidney And Normalize Blood Pressure With Only Two Ingredients


The kidneys are essential to the proper functioning of our body. They are one of the main responsible for the metabolism of our body.

The power today is bad, using too much salt (sodium chloride), sugar and processed foods, causing the kidneys to extra wear.

It is essential to take care of our kidneys and so there is an excellent recipe for detoxifying .The secret of this recipe is the parsley.

Throughout history, this plant has been using to facilitate and maintain a regular menstrual cycle.

Some herbalists recommend parsley as a remedy for the return of the uterus to its original position after delivery.

It is using in the treatment of all the problems associated with the kidneys.

The parsley tea prevents the absorption of salt in the tissue and it is a major protector of the kidneys and the liver, making them clean.

This tea should be drink in the event of a bladder infection and kidney stones.

It is using for prevention and treatment of colon cancer in men and women, as well as cervical tumour in women.

Parsley is rich in folic acid which is essential for cardiovascular health.

It is also rich in vitamins A, C, E and minerals, and its regular use helps to reduce bad cholesterol.

If anyone suffers from high pressure must also use this miraculous tea for reducing its pressure.

Parsley tea can also be using to soothe the intestines, improve digestion and eliminate gas.

Parsley is rich in iron, so its use recommended in cases of anemia.

Another virtue of this plant is to combat bad breath. Just only to chew parsley leaves and bad breath will be neutralized.

These apply especially at times when eating garlic and onion and want to eliminate the smell.

Parsley grows easy and everywhere. So it would be good to cultivate this plant at home.

How To Detoxify Kidney And Normalize Blood Pressure With Only Two Ingredients

How to do the parsley tea

  • Boil one liter of water.
  • At the end of cooking, add two tablespoons of fresh or dried parsley.
  • Close the pan and wait 10 minutes.
  • Then add a few drops of lemon.

Drink two cups a day.

In case of urinary tract infection, kidney stones and defects in the uterus and ovaries should drink three times a day.

The parsley tea causes increased urination.

So it is not recommended before bedtime, as it can impair sleep.

Pregnant women should not drink this tea because of possible hormonal changes.

The parsley tea can also be use to calm the nerves and reduce anxiety.