How to Remove Acne Overnight


Acne is a term which includes blemishes, blackheads and pimples. Acne can affect anyone of any age. It can also make the affected person feel introverted and less confident. Light skin is a sign of good health and because the skin is the largest organ in the body, it’s important to keep it healthy.

1. Clean your face and your neck. If you have sensitive skin, use what works best for you. A mild soap is usually all you need in order to remove dirt, oil and grime absorbed by your skin. Wet your face with warm water. Apply the soap on your face and neck. Use a mild wipe to gently exfoliate your face. Rinse the soap with warm water.

2. Sleep with your hair wrapped around the head to avoid it touching your face. Even if you don’t use any hair products, shampoo and conditioner can cause acne if touching your face.

3. Get at least eight hours of sleep. Remove your pillowcase and use a clean one.

4. Drink plenty of water. Avoid eating unhealthy foods and take consume fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and dairy products. Healthy foods help your skin and body stay hydrated, which is important for a clean skin.

5. Apply a little bit of toothpaste (not gel) to areas with acne problems and cover with a bandage. If your face is covered with acne, apply toothpaste all over your face and let it act overnight.

6. Crush an aspirin in a bowl and mix it with lemon juice until a paste is formed. Apply this paste to your acne problem areas and let it act overnight. It will help clear your skin, will reduce redness and you’ll get rid of acne fast.

How to Remove Acne Overnight

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