How to Set Up a Greenhouse for Your Backyard?


There are many great reasons to put in a greenhouse in your backyard. Before we get started, let’s talk about exactly who would benefit from getting a greenhouse. The first category would be those individuals who have an incurable green thumb. They have a deep appreciation for the art of gardening and would truly be upset if they didn’t have a chance to tend their garden for long periods of time. On the other hand, if you are concerned about where your food comes from and you are just getting started down the path of gardening, then investing in a backyard greenhouse is right for you! Here are some of the few amazing things you will get after incorporating a greenhouse into your everyday life:

1.Fresh Vegetables All Year Round

There is something truly powerful about being able to walk outside in your snow boots in the middle of winter and come back inside with a ripe tomato in your hands that you grew at home. With a greenhouse, you will have a much easier time keeping your favourite plants and vegetables alive during the colder months of the year.

How to Set Up a Greenhouse for Your Backyard?

2. Save Money on Food Shopping

Not only do you now have the ability to extend the growing season for each of your plants with a greenhouse, you also can save a bunch of money by not having to go to the grocery store as much.  Just think, with a little imagination you can virtually cross all of these items off your list forever if you added tomatoes to your greenhouse line up Roasted Tomato Soup

-Heirloom Tomato Jam

-Tomato Jam

-Tomato Paste

-Crushed Tomatoes

-Grilled Tomatoes

-Fried Green Tomatoes


-Tomato Juice

-Sun-dried Tomatoes


How to Set Up a Greenhouse for Your Backyard?

3. A New Level of Peace

Gardening, while being an integral part of our continued existence, is rather calming and a lot of fun once you get into the rhythm. As many experienced gardeners and green thumbs will tell you, it is NOT fun at first. Especially, if you are starting with just seedlings. But over time, like house training a new puppy, you will learn exactly what your plants need and when they need them. Once you find your rhythm while gardening, you will immediately feel the stress melt away from you every time you are in your greenhouse.

Not only that, but the act of gardening has been known to help lower your blood pressure.

Plus the diffused light from your greenhouse is perfect for treating SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

How to Set Up a Greenhouse for Your Backyard?

If you find that you are having a hard time being torn away from your plants, you should consider getting an outdoor bench to place inside of your greenhouse so that you can relax in the warmth and do some light reading.

4. Trust the Source

Over the last decade, we as a country have become increasingly curious as to where all of our food is coming from and how it is made. As consumers, we are demanding better transparency from big companies in order to assess if we can truly believe their marketing claims that they are providing the best and healthiest food options for our family. This coupled with the periodic news stories of salmonella outbreaks with store bought vegetables is reason enough to start growing your own produce at the only place you can truly trust your own home.

How to Set Up a Greenhouse for Your Backyard?

Taking the time to learn basic gardening techniques along with purchasing your own starter greenhouse will put you on the path to safely growing your own foods instead of putting your own or your family’s health at risk. Check out the following link to view our latest deals on our at-home gardening supplies.

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