Incredible Discovery: Say Goodbye To The Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth In 9 Weeks

Nowadays, dental implants are extremely popular and useful, especially when we need to fill a gap in the mouth cavity due to missing teeth.

The dental experts have made an incredible discovery, which is far more advanced that the classic dentures and implants. This new discovery will enable us to grow new teeth in the mouth cavity.

The incredible discovery was made at the Columbia University. The leading researcher, Dr. Jeremy Mao, created a scaffold for teeth, which contained stem cells.

He actually created new teeth from their own DNA. This discovery is very important for the future of dentistry.

The dental implants used today are useful, but they can also cause some complications. They effectively replace one or more missing teeth, but they can lead to some serious problems. Here are the most common problems and complications that are caused by dental implants:

• Your body may reject the dental implant.
• Dental implants are very expensive.
• The dental implant can cause an infection. In that case its removal it’s obligatory.
• An inexperienced dentist may damage your gums with the dental implant.
• The connection between the dental implant and the jawbone may not be good.

These complications and problems make it evident that the use of dental implants can be expensive, time consuming, painful and uncomfortable.

Luckily, the newly discovered technology will provide you with your own new teeth in a bit more than two months. The first step of using this technology is inserting the device.

Then, the device must be accepted by the body. The good thing about this technology is that the device uses only safe materials to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

This newly discovered technology is the simplest way to replace a missing tooth as the tooth is replaced with your own stem cells. The newly formed teeth actually merge with the surrounding tissue.

This will provide a fast recovery and fast regeneration process in a simple way. However, this procedure is not available yet. The medical authorities need to approve it.

Lately, the new developments in dental implants provide us with healthy and natural ways to replace missing teeth. The chances of rejecting the implant and the recovery time are both reduced with the advancement of dental technology.

Incredible Discovery: Say Goodbye To The Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth In 9 Weeks

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