iPhone X Review: Time To Show Real Technology




I am BRO 17 who is focused on perfume evaluation and digital review.

Sorry guys, you don’t have to struggle now.

Because the first show of the iPhone X —- is mine !!!  (LOL)


Well, it is not easy to get the first show. Just forgive me to stick an ad at first.

iPhone X  Review: Time To Show Real Technology


For a variety of reasons, as everyone knows, this year’s iPhone X is unusually easy to get in the first limited sale.

After 3 p.m., I was busy making phone calls, and I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to purchase iPhone X.

Well, at this time, the whole world is talking about “This generation of iPhone is not that good “.

Take a look and then I think Tim Cook will reply nothing but laugh at it. Yet life is full of surprises.

I think of my friend and I contacted him. Because he helped me go get a black 7plus last year.

After promising a bunch of things like a massage machine, vibrator with Indian oil etc., he promised to get me the phone on the morning of the 2nd.

So I got my iPhone X.

iPhone X  Review: Time To Show Real Technology

A photo was posted online once. And yesterday, one iPhone X was activated before allowed time in HANDAN. So it has been punished of a numerous number.

Today one was activated in HEYUAN and it is being penalized right now.

So the first one I show is not quite the iPhone X for it’s not activated yet. I guess I can only come in tomorrow morning.

The friend takes 2 to BRO 17. The black one did not activate, but the silver one does. As for why he can activate early, um…. Because he even expect more than me! He bought a phone from the internal of the corporation. OMG I got to say how rich he is!

The Silver one.

iPhone X  Review: Time To Show Real Technology

Actually the grip feeling is very comfortable. I found out the image contrast is very high and the screen quality is pretty good when I took photos in a shop. And the appearance is attractive as always.

The internal phone should be used for demonstration purposes, and there are already some data. At the bottom of the screen is a bar, which is the action bar.

After canceling the HOME button, all of operation becomes gestures. At first I am totally not used to it, and there are some small problems in closing the background.

There are lots of pictures inside the internal phone. And there’s almost no difference between the previous generations on function part, which can be all experienced by updating to iOS 11.

The back of the silver phone looks white, but it’s actually a bit like enamel white that bringing a bit of silver metallic texture. So it’s called silver by the official.

The silver border is stainless steel and the front screen is black. The three senses are very incongruous. So I gave it up and gave it to my friend.

I have tested the various functions at will, because everyone will be busy tomorrow and we do not have time to test carefully.

I was hurrying heading home for dinner, and my friend just left me with an activated internal one, leaving me alone on the street with my black iPhone X.


1. Full screen is beautiful. The front camera part with an “M” design can be accepted.

2. The screen color is wonderful. The contrast is high.

3. It is hard to get familiar with the operation. There is no HOME button, it is all operated by hand gesture may I need to adapt to it.

4. The switch is no longer pressing the power-off button but changed into press turn-off and power.

5. There is a glass fingerprint collector!!!

6. The front-facing camera has increased a blurred effect which makes people look more pretty.


iPhone X  Review: Time To Show Real Technology

Although this is still going to be activated tomorrow, but we can look at the box first.

There has no essential change of front packing from previous generations. The only one is the surface design is different. While iPhone 7 PLUS was with all white environmental protection concept, it turns into colorful style this year. In addition, it uses a convex and silver processing on the side of the fuselage of the paper box. It brings the three-dimensional feeling.

As usual patterns, the small paper box is on the phone, and the accessory is beneath the phone.

They are a pile of old stuff and don’t have much new. There is no wireless charge as we imagined, the seller will not give it as an accessories for its selling potential. Domestic version will also cancel the transfer from i7.

It is worth mentioning that the surface of the charging plug is changed to the abrasive oil paper package instead of the previous transparent plastic sheet which is green and textured. The exact charge is still 5v-1a.

iPhone X  Review: Time To Show Real Technology

The front screen uses 5.8-inch ultra-retina display. I always have confidence in apple’s display, but the adoption of OLED is a sure result of the technological maturity. The most intuitive display of OLED is very obvious in SAMSUNG, it is called “Absolutely Black”.

The gripping feel is a little heavy, after all, it uses all-metal border. With the stainless steel material, the black screen and border are harmonious after treatment. The whole edge line is very smooth and feels perfect. It’s just like touching the curve of a girl.

The transparent glass material of the back is also not pure black. The double camera in the back row could be still seen after wearing a set.

Compared the iPhone 7 plus with the pasted back membrane, you can find the black color of black version is practically a little gray. Maybe this is the special point of the glass panel.

The back cover of the glass is very bright.

I already have an idea of how to use it in a club: I would use the reflect light of backside to the girl of interest! Right! Shoot her!

I can’t ignore his big black edge of a full screen. It’s super thick.

Not long ago, I bought a MIX2. Compared with that black screen, I don’t know how to describe but I think Apple is more tolerant. In addition, because IPHONE X is of curved border, so the visual of MIX2 is worth than iPhone.

I don’t have a chance to test front-camera function, face ID or something else. After all!!!I just want to show you guys at the first time!!!

The size of the screen is smaller than a SUMSUNG BOOM 7 which is I use not that often. Due to time haste, I can only take these pictures in a hurry. Later, I’m afraid to be defeated by those fast guys because I really want to be the first.

Anyway, for its cheap price I would just try to use it first.


1. The price

Well, my friend helped to get it so I did not pay extra fees. Of course, if the Indian oil stuff that I sent to my friend is calculated, I have indeed pay extra money.

2. Black or silver?

Black!!!! Absolutely choose black!!!!!

3. Is the big black side acceptable?

Yes, it is from Apple after all. When you buy a cell phone for 1550USD, you’ll comfort yourself like this.

4. Is it good-looking?

All right, full screen mono-visual experience is good. And you will soon realize it is the latest and most expensive iPhone at the first sight. You know the feeling I am talking about.

5. worth it?

Of course not! Ten thousand Yuan, you can buy a big doll and even start a business. But there are still rich guys that add more money to have it. People are different, it depends on different demand.

6. Am I going to buy it later when the price goes high?

Don’t worry, I guess there will be a small price increase in one week but the price will almost be the same of the official website in 10 days. Well, it is hard to say estimate that if the price will drop as the iPhone 8 did.

  1. Help with MONEY

If storage in GUANGZHOU is abundant later, I may help you buy it for 24 installments without interest and no more adding fee. The premise is you use China Guangfa Bank or China Merchants Bank

8. FA

Introduce myself to your guys again!

Please just follow BRO 17. I will take you high, up to the sky (LOL). I still remember the last time I introduce SONY WI1000X, it feels so great. Thanks for your love.

Author: 17ge

Source: smzdm.com

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