JBL JR300BTBT Review: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids



It is the best wireless bluetooth headphone for your kids . I would like Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, AKG etc. usually for both of their outlooks and tones. However, the traditional earphones are not suitable for children listening to English and songs. Instead, kids headphone will be a wonderful choice. I ordered JBL JR300BTBT because there weren’t any products for children launched by the above brands. It is a wireless Bluetooth Headset specially designed for children in that JBL legendary sound designed to always limit the volume below 85dB making them safe for even the youngest music fans. Also, JBL enjoys a high reputation in AUDIO. Thus, I decided on it after comparing.

JBL JR300BTBT Review: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

PACKAGING: It adopts the simple outer packing of half – open window design. JBL JR300BTBT can be seen through this window visually.

Packing size: 182mm (length)×41mm (width)×217mm(height)

Net weight: 250g

JBL JR300BTBT Review: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids


JBL JR300BTBT is made in China with fine details and craftsmanship. (JBL is a great company after all.) I must mention the colors. Blue body with orange ear muffles is welcomed by teenagers, though childish for adults.There are four types of colors: blue, red, pink and green. (I bought a blue one.)

JBL JR300BTBT Review: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids


The two sides of the earphone’s head are hollow, used to hide the pull rod. There is an orange cushion in the middle of it to reduce the pressure on the head. An extension rod between the earpiece and the beam can be pulled out. It is plastic and with scale. Metal materials cannot be predicted, but its strength is enough. Kids are able to adjust the length according to their heads.

JBL JR300BTBT Review: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

The receivers are adjustable in a small range, with 90-degree angle, resulting in a better fitness. Also, they can be roll over so that the earphones can be put into the box easily. The earmuffs are made of creased artificial leather, and it just feels nice and soft. There are medium density sponges in the earmuffs instead of the memory one. Two ear muffles set left and right channels respectfully with blue signs of “L” and “R”. Because of the ear-pressing design, the ear muffles cannot cover the whole ears. But it’s still comfortable to wear.

JBL JR300BTBT Review: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

There are power button and Bluetooth switch on the receivers so as to conveniently control the music and receive the call.

JBL JR300BTBT Review: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

he muffles can be easily taken off with the knobs in them. One can take off or on the muffles turning the knobs.Having taken off the muffles, the units and tuning filter paper can be seen. The crease of diaphragms inside is uniform with the diameter of 32mm.


JBL JR300BTBT Review: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

An orange plug with a JBL mark. Short.

JBL JR300BTBT Review: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Instructions, warranty certificate, safety leaflet, etc. And two colorful stickers for children.


The headphone is light. Pushing the power button, the indicator lights up. The Bluetooth pairing is quick, but the quality of sound is even. Convenience of wireless.

The high pitch is not jarring and the extension of sound is slightly dry. New headphones need run-in. The sound of intermediate frequency protruding. It is clean when listing to English. Both male and female voices can be played back. Therefore, it seems to aim at human voice. The volume of the bass is also moderate. Generally speaking, it is a balanced earphone in tone’s adjustment. It can be charged with mobile phone charger. The indicator is provided. Fully charged for around 2 hours. It lasts long after full charge. (around 12 hours)


  • Perfect craftsmanship. Light weight. Various colors.

  • Qualified tone among the headphones at the same price. Ultra-long endurance.

  • Designed for kids on the purpose of study and entertainment. The volume is strictly controlled under 85dB ensuring safety.

  • Fully closed design. There is a certain sound insulation effect.


  • Plastic feeling like a toy.

  • Without storage bag or charger. It would be better if the red charging line is lengthened.

  • Without the marks of sound channels on the headphone. It would be indistinguishable after taking off the muffs. Then, I found that the one with button is the right channel.


The damage of the high frequency in hearing will increase with the growing age. Human’s sensibility of high frequency sound will get lower. Thus, it is essential to protect hearing, which is known to all in the music circle. This headphone mainly aims at teenagers listening to music and English with the purpose of protecting children’s fragile eardrums. There is another type of JBL JR300 that is with wire. It is cheaper, but as safe and suitable as the wireless one. Certainly, wireless headphone is more convenient in daily usage. If you have kids, JBL JR300BT is a great choice worthy of noticing.

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