JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review


As you know a projector is a device which projects a picture or a video on a projection screen. Now a day a projector is not only been used in offices for presentation or in a meeting, but it has also become a source of entertainment at home. People are looking for more for their entertainment. They don’t want to limit their entertainment up to TV and laptops. Now people want to enjoy theater experience at home. So to get a real theater experience people are searching for a good projector which will fulfill almost all requirements of a projector. If you are a movie lover and love to watch movies on big screen with the high-quality image and high-quality sound, then you should try JMGO G7 projector. This projector will give you the exact theater like feeling sitting at home.

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review In today’s competitive market many smart projectors are available which claims to give you excellent service. However, you need to think twice before going for any particular projector. JMGO G7 has kept its promise about its service. It delivers you what services it has promised. Because of advance features and classy look of JMGO G7 it has attracted many customers in the market. Let’s give you some ideas about JMGO G7 projector which will help you to clear out your confusion for buying this projector.

JMGO G7 smart projector is the advanced version of JMGO G1. This projector comes with advanced features and unique look. It has a unique look in the sense it is unlike other typical square shaped projector.

Physical Overview of JMGO G7

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review From the top view, it exactly looks like a disc. It is circular and flat in shape which is made up of aluminum alloy metal. Cross-border are of metal fabric, and its lens is made of seven layers of hard and high transmittance glass for is the protection as the lens does not come with a lens cap. JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review On the top, you will get its brand name written on it, and in the center, there is a ring indicator which also comes in different color modes. Ring indicator work as an indicator which indicates the projector’s standby, running, Bluetooth audio. Its beautiful and unique look makes it match with your home décor.

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review Because of its shape, size and weight it’s quite easy to carry and move it to anywhere you want. The dimension of the projector is 21.4 x 21.4 x 5.27 cm which is quite handy.  You will have options to relocate it anywhere according to your requirement.  To have soothing sound experience, there are two 5W amplifying speakers placed on both sides of the lens.

Connecting Ports Interface

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review Now coming to the connecting ports, you will get all types of connecting ports on the back side of the projector. As per internet connecting concern, you will get Wi-Fi as well as RJ45 ports. To connect your PC and laptop here, you get one HDMI port. To stream your favorite videos or any content here, you get USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 to connect your flash storage. Here you get a 3.5mm audio jack to have interference with external speakers.

Heat Dissipation Window and Bottom Surface

In the above image you can see just below these connecting ports there is a heat dissipation window. This window is arranged in grilled manners. If you look closely at this window, you can see internal metal fins. On the bottom, you can see two adjustable knobs which are used to place the projector stick on the surface. You can use these knobs to change the angle according to the surface level. The brand sticker with highlighting features is pasted nicely. You can get the better experience by placing this projector on a tripod rather than placing it on any table or ceiling.

Remote Control

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review Have a glance at the remote in the given image, the design of the remote is attractive. It does not come with a conventional design. The arrow keys are designed on a disc manner which is quite attractive.

Specification of JMGO G7

Queries regarding projection

This is one of the best inventions of JMGO. JMGO has tried its best to put rich features at an affordable price. While you are purchasing a projector the critical point, you should emphasize on its picture quality. This time JMGO has unveiled this projector with 1080p native resolution. With this flagship resolution to have a brighter picture quality, this projector comes with 700 ANSI Lumens. Yeah, this much brightness is not enough on this budget, but according to the projector size, the brightness of the picture is perfect.

The projector has 3000:1 contrast ratio to project a sharp picture. With 1.2:1 throw ratio this projector can project images up to 300 inches of screen size without any distortion. For better picture quality you can place this projector at a distance range of 1 meter to 4 meters from the screen. Not only these but also JMGO has provided DLP technology with 3D effect.

About the Lamp

Here you get LED lamp, but the lamp life of this projector is decent. It has got 30000 hours lamp life. With this lamp life, you may change the lamp after several years, but the best thing is that this lamp consumes very less power in comparison to other projectors. It consumes only 50W power.

You get wide keystone range of + or – 45 degrees.

Hardware specification

As this is a smart projector, it works on Android OS with customizing JMGO user interface. Surprisingly JMGO has given 8 core GPU with 4 core processor with it. The projector comes with 2 GB DDR3 RAM with 16 GB eMMC storage. You may think that 16 GB is less, but this much memory is quite capable of meeting your daily needs of installing the application and other usages.


After knowing the product very well, let us move to the review section. After using the projector for several days, I am here giving my feedback on my experience.

Display quality

The central question on everyone’s mind that, is 700 ANSI lumens is worth at this price?

In Daytime

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review So here I have taken some snaps of the projected images. The above 2 images were taken at 10:00 AM. The interior of the room was quite bright. There was 2.6 meters distance from the screen to the projector. Moreover, the screen size is approximately 100 inches. So, here can you get any distortion on images? The pictures were even projected in the daytime. I don’t see any deficiency due to fewer lumens.

In Nighttime

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review To have real projector experience, I have also used this projector at night time. The room was dark and here are the snaps. In recent trends, 1080p is the highest native resolution in projectors. With image optimizing techniques and the best native resolution, JMGO G7 has projected excellent quality pictures. From the images, you can see the color is well enhanced. You will never have any objection to 700 ANSI lumens brightness.

Connectivity Test

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review Those are about the display quality, now let us know about the function. I never have any problem regarding connectivity with Wi-Fi. My Wi-Fi bandwidth is fully compatible with its dual Wi-Fi band.

Focusing Review

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review Apparently, like other high-end projectors, JMGO G7 supports autofocus. Manually changing the focus after changing the place is bit irritating. The autofocusing in JMGO G7 takes about 6 seconds. You may hear the focusing sound little loud sometimes.

Besides autofocus, the keystone adjustment of the projection is remarkable for this flagship projector. On this projector, you will get + or – 45 degrees keystone angle setting of projection. With manual focusing adjustment, you get more accurate projection.

Heat Dissipation Test

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review Heat dissipation is the key factor of any projector. I have reviewed the projector with heat-sensing aperture. This test was done while room temperature was 26 degree Celsius. After one hour of usage, the temperature on the body was 31.2 degree Celsius. While on the side of the projector the temperature was slightly more than room temperature 26.8 degree Celsius. The more temperature was felt near the cooling window. It was 41 degree Celsius.


So here I have reviewed a very high profile projector. What I found that the projector is a complete package for the home entertainment. The keystone angle adjustment of the projection is the key feature of this projector. You may feel little upset on pen and paper for brightness, but in practical the picture is very much different. With stylish look and portability, the projector will surely make your deal. So it’s upon you if you like this projector then without any hesitation grab this one.

JMGO G7 Full HD 700 ANSI Lumens Projector Review
8.4Overall Score
Cost Effectiveness8.4
Ease of Use8.1
Sound Quality7.4
Reader Rating 1 Vote

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