JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review


JMGO J6S 4K Projector Design Description

Currently, JMGO J6S 4K Projector is a great projector available with Android OS technology. This is a top-notch projector which is beautifully crafted having a super slick design. It is a high-end device with a 4K resolution. To put it another way, it means that the projector resolution is multiplied four times. Therefore, offering 1920 x 1080 native resolution together with an aspect ratio of 16:9 which is large.

Unboxing the package, it consists of the following:

  • 1 Projector
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 2 Remote Control
  • 3 Converter
  • 1 Flying Squirrel Adapter
  • 1 English User Manual

The projector is well suited for a smart theater, education organization, entertainment as well as interactive time with family.

JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review Get curious!

To end your inquisitiveness, below is a brief review of JMGO J6S 4K Projector. Why not get the best deal at GearBest . I assure you will not end up with something bad.


Brand: JMGO

Model: JS6

Resolution: 1920×1080

OS: JMGO OS on Android Platform

Resolution: Full HD and 4K

Ports: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, RJ45, SP/DIF

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Design and Appearance

JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review JMGO J6S 4K Projector as an extremely awesome metallic diagonal design. It is a compact and lightweight projector. It is developing four core AmLogic processor and has 2G DDR3 and 16G eMMC. JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review The projector comes from craftsmanship with a unique design supporting lots of features.

Furthermore, it is one of the best 4K portable projector having an 1100 ANSI lumen with high brightness. Also, it supports a 1080P Full HD display together with a 4K resolution. This technology comes with built-in Bluetooth speaker and has a shocking HiFi connectivity. JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review Furthermore, it has both horizontal and vertical keystone correction feature. Images do not distort and are set up with great ease.

HD Media

JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review Consequently, this is a device whose key feature is to make it stand out amid other existing projectors. Having a 4K technology support, the projector displays every pixel to their finest details thus, displaying the best quality. JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review Irrespective of the refresh rate for the screen, it has the possibility of delivering a 3-dimension depth. The JMGO J6S 4K Projector comes with a brightness of 1100ANSI lumens. This means that it allows viewing of videos or images in the daytime. In the same fashion, the projector boosts up the image precision. Moreover, with a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 and optical zoom of 8000:1, the projector allows 80 to 120 inches of flexible display.

JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review Equally important, the projector can be placed in countless position due to its well thought creative design. The vertical and horizontal keystone correction feature is built-in the JMGO J6S 4K Projector. To this extent, there is no limit for different projection angle. Images projects easily on any surfaces. Other feature included are autofocus and automated keystone correction.

Android OS System

JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review Accordingly, this is a projector which has Android OS. It is best equipped with a smart JMGO OS system which is develop on Android platform. Though it does not have 3D technology, the operating system lets the user replicate 3D movies and images. The 3D contents might not be exactly as with 3D glasses but it gives a glimpse of it. JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review Experiencing 3D with JMGO J6S 4K Projector does not require 3D glasses. The experience is superb with no image distortion. With the Android system, a wide range of audio and videos apps is easily available.

Support Multiple Devices

Also, the projector comes with a 2GB RAM and 16GB storage memory. It has a dual-band WiFi and has the support of Bluetooth 4.0 as well. Notably, to allows connecting devices; there are both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports respectively. JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review It is packed with an Ethernet port, HDMI port and an input for audio devices like speakers, earphone, and headset. Moreover, the projector allows to wirelessly connect mobile devices such as a smartphone, gaming console, laptop, tablet, as well as desktop PC. It also comes with a JMGO application which gives freedom of broadcasting photos, videos, music and other documents.

Multi-Usage Projector

JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review The JMGO J6S 4K Projector is suitable for some environments. In business, it is convenient for presentation at the conference. It supports USB disk, a personal computer as well as a smartphone. The projector is similarly best for entertainment. You can either use it as a home theater or organizing late night parties. It is easy to build your private cinema. Therefore, causing less harm to your children’s eyes than TV. At the same time, having a larger screen for a night party will be just awesome. Forthwith, the projector allows syncing your smartphone and tablet together with other computing devices. It will then project them either through USB cable or WiFi.


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oSuperb 4K projector

oSupport Android OS Technology

oSupports Bluetooth and Dual Band WiFi

oSuper Clear Image

oSupport Multiple Devices


oNot 3D Compatible


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In the final analysis, JMGO J6S 4K Projector is one amongst the best 4K portable projectors available. It will be nice to hear from you about what grabs your attention with this projector. Simply drop in a comment below. At the present moment, 4K TV is going viral in the whole world.

Although the current UHD TV is blowing your mind, getting this device will not only make you enjoy great image quality but also secure a superb place in your heart. In either case, feel free to enjoy a video on JMGO J6S 4K Projector accessible downwards.

JmGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens Full Review
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