JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review


The laser projector is in great demand nowadays. In this rapid era, development is rapid than the time.  Everything is getting better and better, so in this developing era, people’s demands are getting bigger and bigger. Nowadays projector is not only limited to office; now projector has reached to living rooms, bedrooms of a house. People are searching advanced source of entertainment.  People are looking for better picture quality, bigger screen, better sound quality and better color performances. So for the increasing demand for better and advanced technology JMGO SC projector has been introduced. But the only advance product is not enough; people use to study the product in all aspect of price, features, looks, etc. So let’s discuss its looks, price, and features.


JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review

Whoever we go to buy something the first thing which attracts us is its looks. This product has got quite a classy look. It is square with the silver colored aluminum metal body. So overall it is a package of style and technology.

JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review

As compared to other laser projectors it is not large and heavy which is very difficult to move around. Rather the size of the projector is 416 * 310 * 100mm, and the weight of the projector is 8kg which is quite easy to move around, and it also does not consume much space.

JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review As shown in the image if you look at its physical appearance it is quite simple in look. The upper surface of the projector is simply plane and silver in color still stylish.

JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review This simple look is when the projector is off, but once you switched on the projector the top roof of the projector will open like a slider which gives it a sports car look. When it gets on the pair of tweeters automatically open up, and there is a projector lens inside this which will lit up. And when you switch it off, then the tweeters pair suddenly hides. You can get the switch button on the top of the JMGO SC laser projector, which is quite easy to operate.

I cannot miss mentioning that JMGO SC laser projector not only has DTS audio and Dolby audio but it also has DLP cinematic display technology which will give you a clearer, brighter and colored perfection images.

JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review If you look at both the side of the projector you can see a grid-like design which is designed for the better ventilation and for cooling purpose whenever it gets heat. To deal with the heating problem, JMGO SC has the Nano-composite phase change material liquid cooling technology, and it also deals with noise. When you play movie sound, the noise of the machine gets to hide.

JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review If you look at the back side of the projector, you will get the connecting port like USB 3.0, HDMI, wired network card and digital interfaces are all designed. You can get all type of connectivity like for playing moving or playing a game etc.

JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review And at the bottom side of the machine, you will get four small foot made up of rubber in all the four corner which prevent it from slipping.


JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review

The difference between the ordinary projector and JMGO SC laser projector is the distance of placing the projector from the wall. JMGO SC projector comes with the ultra-short focus projection which adjusts the image according to the distance. The projection ratio of this projector is 0.233:1.

With all the features mentioned above, it also has good hardware performance, lumens and color performance. This projector has 2000 ANSI which gives a brighter picture.  The resolution of this product is 1080P, and the contrast ratio is 3000:1- 5000:1. Because of these features, you will be getting the quality picture even if in daytime or when the lights are on inside the room.

If we talk about the hardware, the quad-core processor is equipped with JMGO SC; it also has good storage, i.e., 2GB + 16GB combination which is enough for its smooth functioning.

JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review It also comes with a stylish remote control with compact body and with nice buttons design.  Remote has simple buttons, 3D key with smooth functioning.  It is also quite comfortable to hold as it is lightweight and slim.


The new JMGO SC laser projector is a home entertainment package with good sound quality. It comes with 10W * 2, 5W * 2 HIFI audio which allows sound from all the directions of the machine. It also has three-dimensional audio output effects. Let’s come to the lens part which is the most important part of the projector. The sliding top roof of the projector keeps the lens safe. The lenses are high transmittance coating. Its F/1.8 large aperture, eight sets of 9- piece ED glass lenses keep the lenses safe, which also helps in giving a clear picture to the screen.

JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review In ordinary projector when you switch on the projector the lens will lit up, this light is harmful to eyes if you constantly stare at that light. So it is recommended that children should not allow staring at the lens light. But JMGO doesn’t have such problem. It has an ultra-short focal length which will not face the light source. It has good security measures if any object comes in front of the projector the light of the lens will shut down of its own and when the object will disappear when the light automatically gets on.

JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review If we talk about the performance of its screen, then the ordinary projector which is available in the market have a maximum of 1200 ANSI which does not provide a perfect bright picture. On the other hand, JMGO SC comes with 2000 ANSI lumen which gives a perfectly sharp and bright picture.

If we talk about the system of the JMGO SC, then it has its own JMGO OS operating system. JMGO OS is one of the high-quality UIs in the projection system. It has a beautiful interface with light melody and smoothness.

This projector also does lot other work like you can see photos or your work on the projector. You can play games with your friends on the big screen. You can also create a party environment to party with your friends.


  1. The projector is light in weight and small in size than other laser projectors.
  2. This laser projector comes with 2000 ANSI lumens which give sharp, clear and bright picture clarity. Its gives better picture even in daytime or when the lights are on in the room.
  3. With latest audio technology, it has quite a good sound quality.
  4. The laser projector comes with 1080p or full HD native resolution.
  5. It has auto turn off laser sensor when an object comes on the way of projection.


  1. When you switch on the projector the projector creates a slight noise.
  2. The projector is bit expensive, and it is not affordable to all.
  3. The laser projector is not good for traveling purposes as it is 8kg.

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Well, this projector is a complete package for home entertainment as well as official use. Maybe the projector is not affordable for all as it is bit expensive, but this new JMGO SC laser projector comes with most of the advanced features which will fulfill your needs. No doubt with its audio and video quality, but you cannot use it in traveling purpose, and it is obvious as all laser projectors are very heavy.

Here I have depicted my best possible review of this new laser projector. I think this article may touch your heart to understand the product in details. You can stay with us for anything new related to the projector and kindly suggest the comment box.

JMGO SC 2000 ANSI Lumens Laser projector Review
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