Join forces along with B&R, Jumore maps out the blueprint of win-win and sharing outcome

Join forces along with B&R, Jumore maps out the blueprint of win-win and sharing outcome
BELT AND ROAD is undoubtedly thecurrent hot topic:today’s “Belt and Road” unites the Asia Pacific Economic Circle and the European Economic Circle, and is considered the world’s longest economic corridor that has the most potential for development, and it’s offering strong power for global economic recovery while receiving wide attentionfrom political and business people both domestic and abroad.
On March 15, the Belt and Road Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange Reception and the Appreciation for the Trip to The Americas was held in Jumore’s Beijing office. Over one hundred people attended the event including diplomats from nearly 30 countries from the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions, and representatives from political and business community both domestic and abroad held in-depth discussions on the topic of how to achieve interconnectivity in global economy, trade and culture, and how to drive global economic cooperation.
“This reception provides a valuable opportunity for politicians and businessmen from Peru and other countries to exchange ideas and cooperate with each other,” said Juan Carlos Capuñay, Peruvian Ambassador to China, in his address during the event. Mr. Ambassador said that Latin American countries can provide abundant resources for both China and the whole world. Meanwhile, he expressed thanks to Jumore for its contribution to the economic development of Latin America. When China’s president Xi Jinping visited Latin America in 2016, he pointed out that China and Peru are both countries of ancient civilization, and the friendship between the two peoples goes back to ancient times. As early as 400 years ago, both sides opened up the sea route and started the transoceanic relation.At present, the Latin American countries have become an important part of The Belt and Road Initiative. As the one and only country in Latin America which has established a comprehensive strategic partnership and signed a package of free trade agreements with China, Peru has a prominent position in promoting the development of China-Latin America relations.
Michel Malherbe, Belgian Ambassador to China, said that both European and Latin American countries have great interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and highly praised Jumore for actively practicing the Belt and Road Initiative. In addition, he pointed out that Belgium is the heart of Europe with a advantageous geographical position, which will be an important entry into the European market.
Mr. Lu Hongxiang Chairman of Jumore, shared features of E4B business model and the role of cross-border e-commerce platform in the development of The Belt and Road Initiative.
In recent years, the pace of economic globalization and regional economic integration has been accelerated, profound changes are taking shape in the pattern of global growth, trade, and investment,. Countries around the world are in a critical economic transition period, and a further stimulation is needed for the intra-area development vitality and cooperation potential. The Belt and Road Initiative covers more than 60 countries alongside, with a population of 4.4 billion, accounting for 63% of the world; the economic scale reaches $21 trillion, a third of global GDP. It is foreseeable that the radiation generated by the Belt and Road cooperation will have a profound impact on global economy, politics, culture and other aspects, and bring new opportunities for the open development of all countries around the world.
Jumore, an ecological cross-border e-commerce platform with global positioning that covers all commodities, whole industrial chain and services, has always been actively practicing The Belt and Road Initiative. At present, Jumore has established close cooperative relations with countries alongside the Belt and Road Initiative, creating National Pavilions for B&R countries on Jumore’s platform to help them connect to Jumore E4B ecological system; at the same time, Jumore has organized or participated in the Belt and Road activities in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang and other Chinese provinces and cities, promoting the connection and cooperation between provinces and cities of China and B&R countries.
On the one hand, with the E4B ecological system, Jumore helps B&R countries with construction of online Silk Road and creates E4B smart ecological system for them; meanwhile, Jumore also helps B&R countries connect industrial clusters of Chinese provinces and cities as well as global economies, promoting the cooperation of capacity and delivering abundant resources of B&R countries to the world so as to achieve the economic complementarity. On the other hand, with the E4B ecological system, Jumore promotes a comprehensive cooperation between B&R countries and all countries around the world in finance, big data, investment, technology and so forth, and then helps with the construction and development of B&R countries in various areas such as big data, intelligent manufacturing, smart city, etc.
“With the ecological Internet mode , Jumore creates a platform of cooperation for the world economy.”Some guests pointed out that, all goods and industries, from advanced modern service industry and high-tech industry of Europe and the United States, to the quality products of the great manufacturing countries, to the raw materials of various countries, can find good partners and get a full range of services and support through Jumore platform.
During the event, Jumore also prepared excellent shows with Chinese characteristics for guests from the worldto promote the understanding and recognition of Chinese culture.In the future, Jumore will vigorously promote cultural exchange and integration across the world, achieving cultural cooperation while boosting the economic development of various countries.
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