JUMORE Attends Symposium on Investment Opportunities


While the 9th BRICS Summit is scheduled to be held in Xiamen, China, to better explore the investment opportunities between China and Brazil, on Sept. 2nd, Brazil, a member of the BRICS, held in Beijing the Symposium on Investment Opportunities in Brazil to promote the bilateral investment and trade between China and Brazil, and therefore to realize mutual beneficial development. Guests participating in the symposium include Wang Yang, Vice Prime Minister of the State Council of China, Michel Temer, President of Brazil, Marcos Caramuru, the Brazilian ambassador to China, Roberto Jaguaribe, President of Apex-Brazil, Zheng Zhijie, President of China Development Bank, and Paulo Rabello de Castro, President of Brazil National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). JUMORE, as a representative of innovative global e-commerce businesses, was also invited to the symposium.

JUMORE Attends Symposium on Investment Opportunities (The Symposium on Investment Opportunities in Brazil)

At the meeting, President Temer indicated in his speech that, Brazil attaches great importance to its relationship with China. China is the first country he has ever visited after his inauguration. Development of trade and economic ties between the two parties gains a steady momentum. At the beginning of this century, the bilateral trade volume was only three billion, but as of 2016, it has increased to 58 billion. Now, Brazil is implementing a series of reforms, including governmental supervision on energy, mineral, and electricity, and Brazilian economy is experiencing quick growth. Recently, Brazilian government has approved six infrastructure projects in port, railway, and electricity construction. Brazil is expecting the active participation of Chinese companies in these projects. Besides, Brazilian officials, including Minister of Planning, Budget, and Management, President of Apex-Brazil, and Minister of Mines and Energy, all exchanged their unique understanding about China-Brazil trade, development of Brazilian agricultural products, investment opportunities in Brazil, and infrastructure construction in Brazil. Such sharing has a highly positive promotional effect for the deepening of trade and production capacity cooperation between China and Brazil, for the interaction between two markets, and the promotion of effective development of Chinese and Brazilian economy.

JUMORE Attends Symposium on Investment Opportunities

(President Temer delivers speech at the symposium)

As known to all, Brazil, as the fifth largest country (in terms of area) in the world, is the seventh largest economy in the world, and a member of BRICS and G20. The country has abundant natural resources and a solid industrial base. Guided by the economic model of free market economy and export-oriented economy, GDP of Brazil has exceeded one trillion USD, ranking the first in Latin America, and its economic structure is similar to that of developed countries. As regards its advantageous industries, Brazil shows great industrial potentials. For example, the reserve of iron ore ranks the fifth in the world, and it is also the world’s second largest exporter of iron ore. Its exportation of bauxite second to only Australia. Brazil also has huge reserves of Uranium, Manganese, and Nickel. It is also quickly developing its high-tech industries, such as airplane manufacturing, and bio-energy. Besides, in agriculture, the Brazilian export of coffee bean, cocoa, sugarcane, corn, and bean all rank the first in the world.

It is worth pointing out that China and Brazil are now facing cooperation opportunities the current circumstance renders. The Chinese policy is beneficial for the development of Brazil, and Brazil also wishes to produce more products that China needs in the fields of agriculture and business. Since 2009, China has become one of the most important trade partners of Brazil. In 2016, the export to China accounts for 1/5 of the total export of Brazil. In addition, China and Brazil will jointly construct a 20-billion worth China-Latin American Production Capacity Cooperation Investment Fund to continuously deepen the production capacity cooperation between two parties.

Based on such facts, the decent development of China-Brazil cooperation will also bring good news to cross-border e-commerce. And this is the key for JUMORE in its plan for China-Brazil cooperation. As early as May 19th, Apex-Brazil delegation had already visited JUMORE Beijing Company, and had in-depth discussion with JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang on promoting the development of China-Brazil bilateral trade, the participation of Brazilian companies on JUMORE platform, and the connection of Brazilian companies with global market. Two parties also reached consensus on signing strategic cooperation agreement, and promoting Brazilian companies to join in on JUMORE Platform. On Aug 30th, JUMORE attended the Annual Meeting of Chinese and Brazilian Entrepreneurs to make its suggestions on China-Brazil trade. Driven by the innovative e-commerce cooperation model, JUMORE, via creating and implementing JUMORE Brazil Pavilion, has launched a series of online and offline “Internet Silk Road” campaign to attract Brazilian companies to join in on the platform, thus offer resources and support to the connection of Brazil to Chinese and global market, and maximize the development benefits.

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