JUMORE- Chile Cooperation!


With the advancement of the second round negotiation of upgraded China-Chile Free Trade Agreement, China-Chile cooperation is being continuously furthered. During the process, cross-border e-commerce is playing a more and more important role. In May 2017, witnessed by Mr. Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile, Cross-Border E-Commerce business JUMORE signed a memorandum of cooperation with Banco de Chile. And after that, multiple achievements were consecutively made in the cooperation between Chile and JUMORE.

Promoted by multiple parties of Chile and China, JUMORE and National Agricultural Society of Chile (SNA) Business Development Platform signed a memorandum of cooperation on Aug 30th. According to the memorandum, two parties will further promote comprehensive development, promote the quality upgrading of China-Chile trade, and help more Chilean companies to connect with Chinese and global markets through JUMORE platform.

JUMORE- Chile Cooperation! (JUMORE signs a memorandum of cooperation with SNA BDP)

JUMORE has always maintained close cooperation with Chile. While participating in the APEC 2016 Summit, JUMORE delegation was invited to visit Chile, and met with former President Mr. Eduardo Frei, and discussed cooperation with multiple important institutions and companies in Chile, including Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Enami, Cochilco, SNA, etc. As of now, Chile National Pavilion has been successfully launched on JUMORE platform. Relevant companies, institutions, and services of Chile are also accelerating their speed to join in on the platform to connect with Chinese and global markets. The agreement will further enhance the cooperation between JUMORE and Chile, and take full advantage of cross-border e-commerce in the fields of trade, monetary circulation, and technological connectivity.

Chile is one of the most stable and prosperous countries of South America, and one of the major agricultural product exports in the world. As regards e-commerce, Chile has advanced IT industry, and the development of e-commerce is beyond the average level of Latin America. The cooperation between two parties will help export the advantageous products of Chile, such as agricultural products and raw materials to China and other countries around the world, thus greatly promote the development of bilateral and multilateral trade in Chile. On the other hand, the cooperation can also enhance their cooperation on e-commerce to help BDP development in the field of e-commerce. In addition, based on the enormous demand of infrastructure of Chile, JUMORE will also attract capitals, technology, and talents of China and offer comprehensive cooperation in finance, logistics, and big data for Chilean companies, thus promote the upgrading and transformation of Chilean economy.

For Chile, one of the major tasks in 2017 is to seek to sign trade agreement with countries in the Asia-Pacific region. And exploring its cooperation with China in trade is the top priority. One of the important content in the upgraded version of China-Chile FTA is the encouragement of e-commerce development. And, promoted by e-commerce, China-Chile trade will definitely be lifted to a new level.

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