JUMORE Cross-Border E-Commerce: Offer Innovative Plans for Belt & Road Cooperation


JUMORE Cross-Border E-Commerce: Offer Innovative Plans for Belt & Road Cooperation

Belt & Road Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange Held in Beijing and Multiple Achievements Obtained

With the promotion of Belt & Road construction, the ancient civilizations on European and Asian continents see the dawn of renaissance, and the countries around the world also see the possibility of win-win development. Now, the strategic plan of Belt & Road has received positive responses from domestic entrepreneurs as well as great attention from the international community. While the high-level leaders of the countries are actively promoting B&R, the efforts from business circle also bring consistent yet strong power to the deepening of B&R Initiative.
Delegates of all countries discussed about cross-border e-commerce, JUMORE became the key word of the meeting
The communication event attracted delegates from some 20 countries, including Russia, Italy, UAE, Peru, Kazakhstan, etc., leaders from Chinese ministries and commissions, chambers of commerce, and industrial associations, and representatives of well-known companies around the world. The delegates fully recognized the contribution of cross-border e-commerce to the promotion of B&R Initiative, and the E4B model of JUMORE also earned great wish from the delegates.
“B&R Initiative will revive the Silk Road between China and Kazakhstan, and connect the regional and world economies more closely” said Kairat Kelimbetov, Governor of Astana International Financial Center (AIFC). While actively supporting the China proposed B&R Initiative, Mr. Kelimbetov also holds a positive view on the cooperation between JUMORE and AIFC. He pointed out that two parties will be permanent cooperation partners.
During the event, AIFC and JUMORE signed the memorandum for strategic cooperation. Two parties will inject strong financial power into the development of Belt & Road.
Peruvian Ambassador to China Juan Carlos highly praised the contribution that cross-border e-commerce has made to the connection and communication around the world. The ambassador said that the B&R Initiative is a globalized project. Though China is not connected with Latin America in geographical terms but a more modernized and innovative method helps Latin America connect with the Belt & Road, i.e. e-commerce. He expressed his wish that platforms like JUMORE can connect China with Peru and Latin America.
Chairman Wang Ning of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce expressed his support to the development of JUMORE. Chairman Wang introduced that CECC has more than 7,000 members, and these members are joining in the JUMORE platform. CECC will actively promote the reach of agreement, signing of cooperation agreements between JUMORE and the members to realize win-win development. He believed that through the JUMORE platform, products of different countries can enter China’s market, and quality products of China will go global.
Delegates from different countries all supported the JUMORE model because JUMORE has fully connected all parties to the development opportunities of Belt & Road, and offered innovative passages for them.
Construction of Belt & Road Obtained Further Progress, Belt & Road Pavilion Officially Launched on JUMORE Platform
Chairman Lu Hongxiang of JUMORE believed that, the core value of B&R is “openness, inclusiveness, cooperation, and mutual benefits”, which highly fit the core idea of JUMORE’s international cooperation.
During the event, and witnessed by multiple business and political leaders of B&R countries, JUMORE “Belt & Road Pavilion” was officially launched. As of now, JUMORE has established close cooperation relationship with 126 countries around the world, including countries along the B&R . As the further implementation of global cooperation, premium projects, edge-cutting technologies, and high-end talents of China and the world will be inter-connected via JUMORE platform.
With the official launching of JUMORE B&R Pavilion, countries along theB&R will receive more service support and opportunities for trade and communication. Lu Hongxiang pointed out that, the E4B system of JUMORE is constructing a connected “e-Silk Road” of cooperation and mutual benefits for the countries. Via JUMORE platform, the B&R countries can connect with the purchase orders from China and the world, export their raw material resources like mines, metals, energy resources, chemical products, agricultural products, etc., and in the meantime, they can connect with high quality products and capitals from China, introduce the advanced development ideas of the world and premium service resources of finance, logistics, technology, big data, consulting, and certification of all countries, and thus bring strong driving force for the upgrading and transformation of regional industry clusters and the economy.
While launching B&R Pavilion, JUMORE, together with world-renowned certification institution TUV NORD, launched JUMORE TUV NORD Pavilion. Putting quality at the first place is the core operation idea of JUMORE. For a long period, JUMORE has always been paying great attention to the quality of companies and products on the platform. And JUMORE cooperates with world-renowned certification institutions to guarantee the quality of the products. Only strict supervision on quality can make the trade smooth and efficient.
“We are ready – for securing the path of Chinese companies enter the B&R, and for B&R companies to enter China” said Ren Jun, CEO of TUV NORD Asia-Pacific Region,, at his speech.
In the construction of Belt & Road, the wisdom of JUMORE is sparkling. JUMORE contributes its plans for countries along the B&R to connect with Chinese and global markets, and make the mutual benefits of international cooperation into that of comprehensive win-win.
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