JUMORE Cross-Border E-Commerce Promotes China-U.S.


To promote the trade and economic cooperation between China and the U.S. in infrastructure and other fields, Cross-Border E-Commerce JUMORE, together with Los Angeles government and the Investment Association of China (IAC), co-hosted “China U.S. Investment Cooperation Conference – Promoting New Business Opportunities through Infrastructure Projects” at JUMORE Beijing Office on Oct. 11th. During the meeting, government officials and corporate delegates from the U.S., and corporate representatives from Chinese companies in field of construction, machinery, and investment, including Cross-Border E-Commerce JUMORE, China Railway Construction Corporation, China Railway Sixth Group Limited, China Shenhua Energy Company Limited, Guoxin Tendering Group, and Eagle Investment Group limited, had hot and fruitful discussions on cooperation models for China-U.S. infrastructure projects, challenges and opportunities in city planning and infrastructure development, designing of intelligent cities, technical investment, and cross-border investment.

JUMORE Cross-Border E-Commerce Promotes China-U.S.

(China-U.S. Investment Cooperation Conference held at JUMORE Beijing Office)

JUMORE has been dedicating to the promotion of cooperation between China and the world. While seamlessly constructing a mutual beneficial “online Silk Road” for free trade around the world and promoting innovation-driven growth of economy, JUMORE is also encouraging high efficiency and close communication among the countries through offline roundtable meetings for political and business leaders, ambassador forum, and “Belt and Road” Trade and Cooperation Conference, etc. The “China-U.S. Investment Cooperation Conference” will further encourage Chinese companies to connect with the U.S. market, and enhance infrastructure cooperation and bilateral trade ties between China and the U.S.

At the meeting, Jiang Xiaofei, Vice Secretary-General of IAC Financing Committee, and Lu Hongxiang, Chairman of JUMORE, delivered speeches as special guests. Jiang Xiaofei indicated that, JUMORE, as an innovative e-commerce platform, is dedicated to construction for cooperation between China and the world, and IAC is also working on promotion of foreign cooperation. So IAC is expecting conducting closer cooperation with JUMORE, and to jointly construct a province-level cross-border e-commerce financing platform, so as to better serve the in-depth development of “Belt and Road”. U.S. delegates introduced to the attendees the infrastructure projects, and relevant laws, regulations, and beneficial policies. Q&A session was also included in the event, which enabled the companies to better understand the problems that may occur in the process of investment and registration in the U.S. and solutions thereof. It also introduced the technology, environment protection, bonds problems for infrastructure construction projects in the U.S.

JUMORE Cross-Border E-Commerce Promotes China-U.S.

(JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang delivering a speech)

In recent years, China-U.S. cooperation is quickly growing. Especially in the last decade, the export from the U.S. to China is growing at an annual rate of 11% and an annual rate of 6.6% of that from China to the U.S. In 2016, Chinese investment in the U.S. hit a record high of 45.6 billion US dollars. In the field of infrastructure construction, the two parties share great space for cooperation. In recent years, the U.S. has augmented its investment in infrastructures. President Trump has proposed a 1-trillion-dollar “America First” Infrastructure Plan, which intended to enhance investment in multiple infrastructure fields. Chinese companies have rich experience in conducting infrastructure cooperation in overseas markets, as well as great advantages in technology, capital, construction, and operation. U.S. delegates have strong focuses on the China’s strengths in capital, industry chain, and infrastructure, and wish to conduct effective cooperation with Chinese companies via JUMORE.

As of now, JUMORE has established cooperation with over 150 countries around the world. For infrastructure cooperation, JUMORE can take full advantage of internet platform, give full support in providing project information, selection of premium cooperation partners, service for supply chain finance, and purchase of device and raw materials, thus promoting the civil construction of the U.S. Furthermore, JUMORE, as an e-commerce platform covering the whole industry chain and all services, can also encourage two countries to start cross-industry, multi-level cooperation, thus realizing the innovation-driven growth of bilateral trade.

From JUMORE’s view, China and the U.S., respectively the largest developing and developed country in the world , are highly complementary to each other on the trade front, and have enormous space and great stimuli for all-dimensional cooperation. The cooperation between JUMORE and the U.S. will help Chinese and American companies to earn more opportunities to reap benefits in global cooperation, and promote the construction of new international relationships and an international order with cooperation and mutual benefits at the core.

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