JUMORE Injects Digital Impetus to Global Real Economy

JUMORE Injects Digital Impetus to Global Real Economy
On January 12, local time in Germany, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) co-organized the Joint G20 German Presidency – OECD Conference in Berlin. Taking “Key issues for Digital Transformation in the G20” as the subject, the conference carried on a seminar in terms of the challenges and opportunities in the digital transformation of various countries. JUMORE attended the meeting as a representative of Chinese enterprises, and offered advice and suggestions for global economic development together with the political and business leaders from different countries. It was reported that JUMORE is the only representative of Chinese enterprises attending the meeting.
In the meeting, representatives from various sectors discussed the assessment of digital economic development and policy making, as well as the G20 ‘s forward-looking blueprint for digitization. During the G20 and B20 summit in Hangzhou, 2016, the “Digital Economy” became a hot word. In the G20 Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Initiative, it is mentioned that the digital economy is an increasingly important driver of global economic growth, and plays a significant role in accelerating economic development, improving labor productivity of current industries, fostering new markets and growth drivers, and achieving inclusive and sustainable growth. In 2017, Germany as the rotating presidency of G20 and B20, will continue to focus on and make in-depth discussion about the important issues related to the digital economy.
JUMORE, as a representative of Chinese enterprises, participated in the B20 Hangzhou summit, 2016. The invitation to participate in the German B20 Digital Economy Group further shows that the role of Chinese enterprises in the global digital economy is fully affirmed by G20 and B20 members.
Currently, the global economy has entered a new stage of deep adjustment – the traditional economy is in an extended downturn, while the digital economy is experiencing a meteoric rise. There is a view that the digital economy has brought a great impact on the real economy. But JUMORE believes that the development of both does not conflict with each other. The digital economy can lead to changes in the development pattern of real economy and the upgrading of traditional industries, so they are mutually beneficial and win-win in nature. As an example, the E4B model (Ecosystem for Business) initiated by JUMORE is injecting powerful digital impetus to the global real economy.
As the world’s first cross-border e-commerce platform for full-line commodities and whole industry chain, JUMORE is not only a trading platform for all categories of commodities of the whole industry chain, but also includes finance, logistics, big data, technology, consulting, certification and other service systems to offer systematic guidance and support for the comprehensive development and upgrading of enterprises. By connecting to JUMORE’s E4B system through digitization, the real economy and traditional industries can be better linked to the global value chain and participate in the international division and coordination of labor.
During the B20 and APEC in 2016, JUMORE’s innovative model of global positioning, full-line commodity operation and complete industry chain coverage aroused wide concern of all circles, and the commercial value derived from it was highly recognized by enterprises from various countries. As of 2016, JUMORE has reached cooperation consensus with more than 120 countries in the world, including the G20 member states. JUMORE’s E4B commercial model is injecting a steady stream of digital impetus to the development of real economy.
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