JUMORE Leads Innovative Cross-Border Cooperation with International Financial Institutions

JUMORE Leads Innovative Cross-Border Cooperation with International Financial Institutions
On January 10, Francisco Silva, chairman of Banco Security, a Chilean bank, the director Ramón Eluchans, and members of the Hong Kong representative office visited JUMORE and discussed with JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang on cross-border payment and settlement, on-line financial cooperation, entering JUMORE platform and other issues, reaching a lot of cooperation consensus.
As a representative of Chinese enterprises, JUMORE attended the APEC summit held in Lima, Peru, in November 2016. After the meeting, JUMORE delegation visited Chile, discussing cooperation with various government agencies and enterprises of Chile and meeting with Eduardo Frei, former president of Chile, with abundant achievements. The visit of Banco Security to JUMORE aimed at further implementing the cooperation discussed by the two sides.
Lu said that both sides have great cooperative potential in international payment and cross-border settlement. JUMORE’s E4B business model of mutual benefit and win-win result will add impetus to the cooperation between the two sides, thus propelling more frequent and positive economic and trade exchanges between China and Chile and further promoting cross-border payment and internationalization of the RMB. According to the statistics by the Chilean Customs, Chile’s goods exports reached $62.04 billion in 2015, in which the exports to China, the largest export market of Chile, amounted to $16.37 billion, accounting for 26.4% of Chile’s total exports.
Mr. Silva said that more than 70% of Chile’s exports were achieved with the help of Banco Security and other banks from Grupo Security. And he will attend meetings related to the Belt and Road Initiative and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a business representative during the Chilean president’s visit to China in May 2017. He hoped to sign the MOU with JUMORE on the occasion.
So far, Banco Security and JUMORE has made several rounds of communication and reached a lot of cooperation consensus. Banco Security has a good customer base and can expand its business through joining JUMORE platform and cooperating with a large number of international enterprises on it. In the meanwhile, the two sides have broad space for cooperation in the areas of finance and foreign exchange settlement, etc. JUMORE can help premium customers of Banco Security to develop the Chinese market and promote the development of the bank’s financial services, thereby attracting more global customers to choose its services.
In recent years, due to the vigorous development of cross-border e-commerce in the globe, financial services including cross-border payment and others are also increasingly growing. As a cross-border e-commerce player with a brand-new model, JUMORE, while pushing for global cooperation, attaches great importance to international cooperation in cross-border payment and settlement, and has led the innovation and global cooperation in relevant areas. At present, JUMORE has cooperated with several domestic and foreign financial institutions to provide enterprises on the platform with all-around financial support.
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