JUMORE and TUV NORD to Jointly Build Global Trade Safety Protection System

JUMORE and TUV NORD to Jointly Build Global Trade Safety Protection System
At the invitation of the CEO of TUV Nord Dr. Dirk Stenkamp, JUMORE chairman Lu Hongxiang recently led a delegation to the headquarters of TUV NORD in Hanover, Germany, after the Joint G20 German Presidency – OECD Conference, and discussed with Dr. Dirk Stenkamp on the cooperation in cross-border e-commerce security, certification and data service, etc.
TUV NORD is one of the world’s largest certification and testing service providers, with nearly 150 years of history. In 2016, TUV Nord and JUMORE reached strategic cooperation to carry out in-depth cooperation in certification, consulting, security, co-expanding the European and Chinese markets and other aspects. In October, 2016, Dr. Dirk Stenkamp and his team also paid a visit to JUMORE, making in-depth exchange on how to help China-made products meet German quality standards and other issues.
At present, the cross-border trade is faced up with a series of challenges such as product quality and safety, transaction security, data security and so on, while developing rapidly. However, the corresponding policies and regulations in various countries are lagging behind. In this regard, Lu said that as a new model of cross-border e-commerce platform, JUMORE has been providing new ways and solutions based on modern information technology and e-commerce for cross-border economic and trade exchanges. Cooperating with TUV NORD will provide better cross-border services for the users on JUMORE platform, making transactions more secure, convenient and smooth.
Dr. Dirk Stenkamp stated that the cooperation between TUV NORD and JUMORE would promote the development of bilateral and multilateral economic and trade relations and also would help TUV NORD to develop its international business. The two sides can work together to better solve various issues in the cross-border economic and trade exchanges, thereby providing more supporting measures for users on the platform to carry out cross-border cooperation. He also said that TUV NORD would help JUMORE to further exploit the European markets and reach cooperation with the European countries.
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