JumoreGlobal Insights: Bad Conversion Rate? Don’t Blame It on Your Products but Your Storefront!


Opening an online shop to expand business opportunities has become a common choice for many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or some companies in traditional industries. But how to decorate the online shop? The question always puzzles the online shop administrators who have no experience in e-commerce.

“Mentality for Shop Indoor Decoration” tells us shop decoration should meet the psychological needs of consumers. So does the online shop. Your online storefront leaves the first impression to your potential customers. Just like the attraction between males and females, the first 15s may decide their relationship in the further. Same with online marketplace, your storefront has much more influence on customers’ decision-making than what you expect. The storefront expresses the crucial information of company power, images, brand and the most important element – the sincerity to serve their customers. According to the deep investigation in e-commerce industry by JumoreGlobal, here are some advices to remold your online shop.

First of all, design the main style of your shop.

Shop style is related to platforms and the buyers. For example, buyers on B2C platforms of consumer goods industries tend to view a shop with relaxed style, while buyers on B2B platforms of bulk commodities may like to view a professional shop. Complex design is not suggested to be used on B2B e-commerce platform. The design such as main color or company and product information could be similar to your official website. You can also choose a shop template if your e-commerce platform provides. Shop templates will be very convenient for decoration, you just need to edit basic information and upload images according to the guidance.

Secondly, a banner highlights your brand is necessary.

Banner is a vital factor in the shop. The banner should be closely related to your brand. You can use an HD image of your company or main products and one or two slogans to highlight the brand. Then it will be easier for visitors to catch the main point of your shop.

Thirdly, pay attention to your company introduction.

Company introduction is always displayed on the online shop. Neither too long nor too short. The introduction should contain the vital factors such as brand, main business direction, products, main sales area, etc. A concise introduction helps customers know your company well.

Fourthly, give prominence to your main products.

Products is one of the most important factors which affects the buyers’ determination. Some e-commerce platform design the section of “product showcases” which aims to give prominence to main products on storefront. You can upload main products in this section. The rank of products should be consistent with importance of them. Besides, product images with high-definition should reflect product details faithfully.

Decoration is the first step to operate an online shop. More can be done to enhance your business. If you find it difficult to start your online business, you can choose a reliable e-commerce platform and get help from it. JumoreGlobal, a world leading B2B cross-border e-commerce platform for commodities, goods and services, may be a good choice. The business specialist will give you some advices on shop decoration and help you find potential business partners.

For shop decoration, JumoreGlobal provides different shop templates, Platinum Members and Gold Members can select more templates than that of Free Trial Members. And the “Product Showcase” helps you to highlight your main products within both your shop homepage and in a buyer’s search results.

Operating an online shop is not so easy, JumoreGlobal is always happy to offer you help. We would like to share more advices and experiences later, please pay attention to our news.

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