JumoreGlobal Insights: Want to Start a Successful Business Online? You Need a Suitable E-commerce Platform!


Most people these days have become frequent users of the internet. The internet has certainly impacted our lives, and the way we did things in the past is now different to this day. For consumers, one major benefit among others they have enjoyed from the internet is online shopping, by which they can now buy the products at much cheaper prices and even in a cross-border way. For companies that want to expand their business across more areas or even globally, the internet could also make a easy and fast way for them to find potential business opportunities and good partners.

Of course, unlike ordinary consumers, it is important for a company, especially a small-sized one to prepare well for its first step to be taken online, since it may not be able to take any big risks caused by a trail-and-error idea. Among a long list of things that are considered to be crucial for starting a successful business online, selecting a reliable B2B e-commerce platform that suits your company best may come out first. But for companies that are not so aware of B2B e-commerce, they may be very confused about how to make a good choice.

Taking those companies engaged in the cross-border trade of bulk commodities or upstream products as an example, to find a cross-border e-commerce platform which is specialized in these fields is not really an easy thing. Fortunately, I occasionally knew such a platform called JumoreGlobal recently when browsing on the Internet and I think it is well worthy of my recommendation.

As far as I know, JumoreGlobal is a professional e-commerce platform for the cross-border trade of bulk commodities and it also provides a full range of supporting services including finance, logistics, big data, technology, consulting and certification, to help its users make a smooth transaction on the platform. Notably, all suppliers joining the platform can freely establish their online shops, posting selling leads and making direct contact with a vast amount of potential buyers from more than 150 countries around the world.

Moreover, with the Premium Membership service launched by the platform, suppliers who join JumoreGlobal as Premium Members can enjoy a range of exclusive privileges and benefits designed to maximize the exposure of their companies and products, and get easy access to more valuable business opportunities, so that they could expand their business across the world more quickly and efficiently.

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