JUMORE’s America Tour Brings New Opportunities of Global Cooperation by Oriental Wisdom

JUMORE's America Tour Brings New Opportunities of Global Cooperation by Oriental Wisdom
On December 14 local time, the JUMORE Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit-Vancouver dropped the curtain in the Vancouver Convention Center of Canada, drawing JUMORE’s America tour for more than one month to a successful end. The America tour is only a small step for the JUMORE delegation, but a great progress for many countries and enterprises around the world to initiate global cooperation in economy, trade and innovation.
After several decades of development, the globalization is confronted with a critical turning point. The international community is calling for a new mode of globalization with equity, justice and shared benefits. To build a globalization that indeed benefits all countries, and enables every enterprise to reach the global resources of raw material, service, technology, intelligence and market, is becoming possible.

Given this context, JUMORE’s America tour strove to spread its solution for the novel globalization, the E4B model, which is enriched with oriental wisdom. At the APEC CEO summit in Lima, Peru, JUMORE, as a representative of Chinese enterprises, launched a new e-commerce model E4B (Ecosystem for Business) toward the whole world. As an e-commerce enterprise aiming at global positioning, full-line business and whole industrial chain covering, JUMORE has established a platform in pursuit of shared development, mutual benefit and win-win result, so that each participant can acquire an opportunity for global development. “There is always a way into other countries’ markets, and there are no resources that can not be reached,” commented some entrepreneurs on the opportunities and changes that the JUOMRE model brought to them.

The two highlights of JUMORE’s E4B model are “Chinese Elements” and “Oriental Wisdom”. In recent years, as the biggest developing country and the world’s second largest economy, China has won constant praises for its contribution in terms of promoting the development of the world economy and maintaining regional stability. Even in the American Silicon Valley, one of the most significant changes in innovation and technology fields in recent years has been the attempt to secure investment from China, thereby gaining recognition in the Chinese market. The JUMORE platform has pooled a huge number of large- and medium-sized enterprises from China and other countries across the world in the area of upstream raw materials and downstream markets, financial resources and technology forces, and organically integrates these enterprises together through the internet, thus to provide ecological support for their respective development.

JUMORE’s E4B model is created based on the altruistic spirit derived from the “Oriental Wisdom”, which is the greatest charm of the E4B model. It is the spirit of altruism that allows JUMORE to provide exactly what the customers need, creating a fair, safe, and win-win international cooperation platform for all parties. By enabling each and every enterprise to efficiently reach global resources and to play the core role as the implementer of innovation and resource allocation, JUMORE helps the enterprises to creatively yield value for the society, which in turn realizes the achievements of JUMORE and wins JUMORE the praise from all circles.

From November to December, JUMORE visited Peru, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Canada and other American countries. The JUMORE model is generally recognized in the exchanges with political and business leaders from these countries. Enrique Peña Nieto, the president of Mexico, said that JUMORE’s E4B model leads the innovation of Chinese enterprises. Eduardo Frei, the former president of Chile, believed that the cooperation with JUMORE is a good opportunity to aid the development of Chile’s cross-border e-commerce, thus helping the export of Chilean products and promoting the introduction of quality services and technologies. Peruvian media commented that the new E4B e-commerce platform of JUMORE will help Peruvian enterprises to gain a presence in the global market.

On the JUMORE platform, either the advanced modern service industry and high-tech industry of the European and American countries, or the high-quality products from manufacturing giants, or even the raw materials from the resource supplying countries, would be able to find their partners to achieve win-win development. Moreover, JUMORE is committed to promoting the industrial upgrading of all countries, which leads the achievement of both efficient complementation and common growth.

The foreseeable development opportunities and prospects that JUMORE brings about have excited the business community. During the visit to the Americas, JUMORE organized forums and exchange activities in various countries with packed audience. On December 12 local time, the US-China Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit hosted by JUMORE was successfully held in Los Angeles, USA, with the American well-known entrepreneurs, bankers, economists, leaders of chambers of commerce and associations, as well as the representatives of world’s top 500 enterprises present. Ben Ghalmi, the famous analyst of economics and finance, stated that JUMORE meets the needs and trends of current era with clear pattern, inclusiveness, and social responsibility, when interviewed after the meeting. The representatives of renowned enterprises from various countries exchanged their ideas with the JUMORE delegation on the cooperative mode, including specific details, and also many representatives signed cooperation agreements with JUMORE. The Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of CCBC, Sarah Kutulakos, commended that JUMORE is a novel e-commerce platform with broad prospects and is undergoing rapid development. Also, the Bank of Montreal in Canada, which is active in the Chinese market, has shown great interest and intention in the cooperation between banks and e-commerce, and is willing to carry out open and innovative cooperation with JUMORE.

“Win-win solutions, rather than single-win ones, will lead to a bright future” is the concept that JUMORE’s chairman Lu Hongxiang always stressed during the America tour. In view of such concept, JUMORE always attaches the greatest importance to the value and transaction security of the customers. By establishing a cooperative mechanism with the authoritative governmental institutions and business associations, JUMORE ensures the quality and integrity of the on-line enterprises. Also, JUMORE has set up a strict security mechanism to ensure the safety of on-line products, transaction process, payment and settlement, for which JUMORE wins the trust and support of all customers.

With the release of the E4B model, JUMORE is initiating a new mode of global cross-border cooperation with win-win situation for all parties. Meanwhile, more and more innovative entrepreneurs around the world have shown the spirit of altruism, bringing positive changes to the business world. Similarly, while JUMORE’s chairman Lu Hongxiang definitely proposed the altruistic solutions during the APEC summit, the founder of FaceBook, Zuckerberg, presented to the world the project of providing free internet access for backward regions around the world and the progress of the project. The spirit of altruism is now becoming a common view of contemporary innovative entrepreneurs, and will make the real source of power for the global innovative growth.
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