Just Rock your running with a perfect & suitable running shoes


Most people enjoy running, it is not really about competition. Your biggest challenge in a race is yourself. During your race with yourself, you find you limit and way of conquer. A comfortable running shoes is the basic one that you should take care of. And choose a perfect one is more important.

Next, I will introduct the Brooks Glycerin 15 Running Shoe which I have bought it. The bright red Glycerin 15 is eye-catching, and the white DNA technology rubbers of soles are very thick. The signs on both sides are made of reflective materials, which improve the safety of night running.

Just Rock your running with a perfect & suitable running shoes

The 3D STRETCH PRINT on the right side of the ankle under the BROOKS refers to the 3D stretch printing technology that used on the upper. When you try on them, the feelings of being wrapped are very good, and the heel wrap is especially great. However, with the thick wrap, the breathability is not so satisfying even it has a lot of mesh holes.

Just Rock your running with a perfect & suitable running shoes

As for the front of the shoes, the design for toe protection and the extension of the outsole are quite satisfactory. From this perspective, you can see the upper using the 3D STRETCH PRINT technology is all-in-one with no joint. As the sole of the shoe, the rubber on the front is black and the texture is delicate. In order to fit better to the foot in the running, the shoes bottom is separated into a lot of wavy lines.

Just Rock your running with a perfect & suitable running shoes

In real experience, the wavy forefront design with the elastic upper makes the shoes flexible, and you won’t have any sense of pressure. Glycerin 15 is not a running shoe for racing, so it used thick rubbers rather than the anti-twisting slice to keep stability.

The forefront will have shape change to provide suffice damping when you run. The rubber on the heel was replaced by a bright red one, whose color matches the upper. In the center of the heel, there is not a big bottom, but the white middle bottom is printed with the words ——SUPER DNA.

SUPER DNA is shown again. It was made of reflecting material, to ensure the safety of night running.The bright red non-reflective plastics on the heels are to hold up, which provide good support for the all-in-one upper.

In the daily running, the anti-slip of the shoes on a dry road is good. But after raining, you may slip on the tar road, and you need to be careful.In winter, the most impressive thing is that Glycerin 15 can keep warm. In Chengdu, you can wear them in winter without worries.

Just Rock your running with a perfect & suitable running shoes

Follow the courses in my watch, I had a 2-hour long run wearing Glycerin 15 in 11°C. If it is not a windy and cold day, you don’t need to worry about the feet will turn cold. After I warm-up, I didn’t have any feeling of stuffy. It may be because of the weather is too cold. But I don’t know how the feelings of wearing Glycerin 15 in summer. Maybe the air permeability will be terrible. As cushioning shoes, Glycerin 15 is soft, which at least softer than saucony triumph iso3. When you are jogging, you can feel the cushion and springing from your feet. After 2 hours jogging, I didn’t feel my feet were about to death. The think sole of Glycerin 15 is both its merit and its draw back. When you racing, it is very laborious, and the rebound of the shoes is suffice but not stability, which just like standing on jelly.


The cushion and the feelings of wrapping up my feet of Glycerin 15 are good. The air permeability still needs to be tested in summer. The slip resistance and stability of it is not so ok. I advise you use it for long run or jogging. But if you like soft shoes, you also can wear it.

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