Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review


Are you searching for a low budget projector? Do you feel bored with your television? Are feeling irritated by watching that small TV screen? Yeah, I admit that TV always gives brighter and clear image. But what about big screen entertainment like a theater? How beautiful and pleasant it will be when you can enjoy your favorite movies or shows on a 150 inches screen sitting at your home.

So today, I am going to write a review on a low budget projector, which can be affordable for everyone and it is available below $90. As it is a low budget projector, it is obvious from having low-quality pictures. But as per budget, I am quite sure, it won’t disappoint you that much. I have used many Chinese brand projectors on a low budget, but I found they are not good enough. But this VS314 projector has some special features, which amaze me a lot. Although the low budget projector is not that excellent, it can fulfill many of your needs.

So read the article from head to tail to know the details about this low budget projector along with design, specification and in-depth reviews with pros and cons.

Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review


Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review

The VS314 projector is very lightweight, it just weighs 890gms. The projector is not so bulky. The dimension of the projector is 7.87×5.91×3.54 inches. This size is very handy and easy for transportation. And it is obvious to have a small size as it is a low budget projector.

Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review

If we look at the physical appearance, then you can see a wide angle lens at the front of this low budget projector. The lens seems to be cheaper one. At the top of the projector, you will get navigation buttons.

Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review

The white color buttons on the black color body look eye-catching.  On the backside of the projector, you can find connectivity ports such as AV, VGA, HDMI, two USBs and one 3.5 mm audio output jack. You can connect your cable TV, PCs and laptops with this low budget projector. There is a heat exhaustion on the right side of the projector.

Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review

The remote of VS314 is slim one with small height. I feel comfortable with holding it. But the buttons of the remote are the cheap rubber material, where the letters may get vanish after some days.


The low budget projector comes with LED lamp having a lamp life of 20.000 hrs. On such a low budget the company is able to give good quality lamp, which is quite appreciable. You need not change the lamp of the projector for so many years. This projector has the low luminous efficiency of 1500 lumens. On this budget, we should not expect more as it is giving more than expectation.

VS 314 is not an HD projector. Who can give HD projector below $90? The native resolution of the projector is 800×480 pixels. You can get projection screen size of 32 to 120 inches from the distance of 0.9 to 6 meters. The contrast ratio of the projector is 2000:1.

In this low budget projector, you won’t get any inbuilt speaker. But you can connect an external audio output to it. The projector can support AC3 Dolby sound effect. The adaptor is a 5V adaptor.

Set up and Review

You can put this low budget projector on the table and connect HDMI cable from your laptop or PC to the projector’s HDMI port. For the audio output, you may connect your 2.1 channel speakers and woofer. Then start your projector with the navigation button on the projector or by remote control.

Here. I don’t like the remote control. For me the remote is good but the IR receiver on the back is not so good. It sometimes unable to receive the signal from the remote.  And this happens due to the displacement of the IR receiver on the projector. There is an antenna port or Cable TV port. I like this feature as you can enjoy your favorite TV shows connecting the cable to it. You can get good game experience by connecting your console with this low budget projector. If you have older PC, then you can connect it to VGA port and you can connect your DVD player via AV port.

Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review

Now let us know about the display quality. As a low budget projector, it doesn’t have large throw ratio. It may be good for someone and may be bad also. When I compare it to my other projectors, it manages to project 70 inches picture size, where others form 95 inches picture size from the same distance. You can’t find about the throw ratio on the description of the projector.

Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review

When I play a video on it, it could not able to focus the whole image. What I marked, the corner of the screen was not focused properly which gives a hint of using a cheap lens.

Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review

The thing will be okay if you play any movies or playing games on it. But when you try to use it for PPTs or Excel file, the text will be blurred. The image quality is nice at night time, but mark one thing it has the low luminous intensity of 1500 lumens, so you can not enjoy a much in the daytime.

Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review

Another thing is that this low budget projector is very loud. It is because of its heat venting fan. Unlike other projectors, its fan always rotates very fast continuously irrespective of any temperature. In case of other projectors, their fans rotate faster when the temperature is high.

Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review

Pros and Cons

As this is a low budget projector, it is very difficult to say what is Pros and Cons of this projector. But still, I am discussing here, what I like and what I don’t like,


  1. The projector is compact in size and easy to carry.
  2. You will get many types of connecting ports to connect your favorite gadgets with it.
  3. The power consumption of this projector is very low. VS314 takes only 55 watts whereas other projectors take up to 250 watts power.
  4. I like the projector, because of its short focus design. Enjoy the better quality picture from shorter distance from the screen.
  5. VS314 comes with a very high lamp life of 20,000 hrs. Perhaps you won’t get chance to replace this lamp.
  6. As the projector comes with antenna port, you can enjoy TV channels with this projector directly.
  7. Great thing is that the projector supports AC3 Dolby sound effect.


  1. The projector is very loud due to continuous rotation of its fan at high speed.
  2. You cannot get fully focused image. Corner of the image cannot be focused particularly.
  3. VS314 doesn’t have large throw ratio. So that you will get smaller images compared to other projectors.
  4. The placement of IR receiver is not good. So you will face difficulties sometimes operating the remote.
  5. You cannot use this projector for official or business purposes as the texts are not well visible.
  6. This low budget projector doesn’t come with any inbuilt speakers.
  7. Due to low lumens, you cannot enjoy the projector at the optimum level in the daytime.

Get VS314 LED Projector


Well, VS314 is a low budget projector. You will get lots of good features with below $90. This can be a replacement for your TV. You can enjoy the big screen effect with it. But frankly, the picture quality is not that good, if you are looking for HD quality. For home entertainment, this projector will fulfill most of your needs, but it disappoints us in case of official use. But as per budget, it is a good deal for you. You can go for it and experience the theatre effect at your home.

Low budget mini LED Projector VS314 Review
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