Man on the Curtain Review: How Effective is it?


Imagine the life of a single home-alone woman living in a metropolitan city. There’s always a hint of worry or fear even if she leaves in a safe neighborhood. The home-alone women are often the soft targets for burglary, assault, or stalking. Well, all that ends with a projected view that shows a man shadow boxing from the window. Yes, I am talking about the “Man on the Curtain” concept.

The “Man on the Curtain” is a concept introduced by a Japanese apartment management company to help the home-alone women feel safe at home. Anyone who tries to break into an apartment will think twice when they see a tough guy boxing with some sharp left and right hooks and jabs through the window.

The idea is to try an illusion for the passers-by to believe that the women are not alone and breaking into the house is a terrible idea. Although it is still in its initial stage, the concept is already loved by most home-alone ladies in Japan.

How “Man on the Curtain” concept works?

Although it uses a projector screen display on a plain curtain, the concept behind “Man on the Curtain” project merely is credible. All you need is a Smartphone that connects to the projector which then throws a visual onto the curtain.

The system contains numerous scenarios ranging from a man shadow boxing to a man swinging a baseball bat. Besides the action-packed versions, there are also several other clips such as the man vacuum cleaning the space, playing the guitar, or getting dressed.

Man on the Curtain Review: How Effective is it?

Overall, the idea is to let the intruder know that someone is well awake and can be a hindrance if they try to break in. There’s no clear evidence that the system wards off the criminals in real life, but there’s undoubtedly a psychological play in action which can be powerful.

However, the system is still under development as it is still not a full-proof system.

The Company behind “Man on the Curtain” Concept

“Man on the Curtain” is a concept created by Leopalace21 Corp to add security at the buildings run by the firm. While the company plans to put the system on sale, there are still a few questions that need tackling first.

There are questions about the reliability and functioning of the system. Well, the “Man on the Curtain” concept may work when it’s new. However, with the internet coverage about the idea and its viral potency, it won’t be long enough for the criminals to identify the fluke.

Man on the Curtain Review: How Effective is it?

In the worst case scenario, it can become a sure indication that the woman is alone inside after observing a man shadow boxing continuously. Hence, the company is taking its time to create a full-fledged system to improve this excellent yet straightforward concept.

A bit of variety and multiple sequences that reflect realism can do the trick for this concept.

Type of Videos

For now, there are a dozen videos that the user can choose from. Well, not everyone’s boyfriend loves boxing and there’s no way that the man does boxing all day long. The company offers 12 different video scenarios to provide some variety into the concept. In every 30-minute long video, the man is either shadow boxing, playing the guitar, doing laundry, dressing up, practicing karate, performing yoga, or bodybuilding.

Man on the Curtain Review: How Effective is it?

All you need is a great quality projector and a light curtain on your windows that would make a perfect screen for the projector. You can set hours of routines for your “Man on the Curtain” while you are out following your normal routine. The video scenarios or routines are developed to work for you whether you are in or out of the house.

Is it going to be useful?

Well, that’s a tough question right now. Crimes in the city are on the rise, and we hear a case of a break-in, rape, stalking, and robbery every single day. With crime-rate on a staggering high, the single home-alone apartment dwellers, especially women, are the soft targets.

Man on the Curtain Review: How Effective is it?

Most criminals look for a closed apartment if they want to rob or often try to break into a house where a single woman lives. So, I believe that the “Man on the Curtain” concept can make a difference in the long run if implemented correctly.

However, there’s a lot of improvement needed in the system to make it look genuine and real.

The flaws in the system

Yes, like every other system out there, the Shadow Man system also has some flaws. Due to its thorough coverage across the internet, it is already known to the criminals that there’s such system in place to ward them off.

Man on the Curtain Review: How Effective is it?

So, the next time they see a man boxing for 30 minutes nonstop through an apartment window, they will know that it’s the “Man on the Curtain” system. Instead of getting alerted, these criminals will know which apartment to target. With close monitoring, they can quickly identify the flats with a home-alone woman by looking for the shadow man in action.

Hence, it is not a fool-proof solution yet. If introduced too early without any proper review, it can do more harm than good.

Our final verdict

“Man on the Curtain” concept get full marks on the idea. However, there are still many areas that require some improvements. Instead of continuous visuals on the curtain from a projector, the company can program the system to project a routine with stops in between.

For example, the system must allow the users to set a routine where the Shadow Man moves across the room now and then. Also, the man must perform different actions randomly instead of focusing on a single act. Such a synchronized routine will seem more real and alert the troublemakers and scare them off from the premises.

In short, the Shadow Man concept is promising but requires a bit of planning and research before commercializing it. If implemented well, the “Man on the Curtain” projection can help many home-alone women feel safe all the time.

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