MBA Delegation of Peruvian ESAN Visits JUMORE


MBA Delegation of Peruvian ESAN visits JUMORE Hangzhou Headquarters on Sept 27th, and has extensive and in-depth discussion with JUMORE representatives on such issues as e-commerce, cross-border cooperation, and Peru-China trade cooperation. ESAN is one of the famous Business Schools of Peru. Its MBA trainees are all outstanding entrepreneurs from Peruvian industrial and commercial circles ranging from mechanics, electronics, construction engineering, finance, communication, and consultancy, etc. During the communication, Peruvian entrepreneurs speak highly of the JUMORE model and JUMORE platform, and wish to have further in-depth cooperation with JUMORE.

MBA Delegation of Peruvian ESAN Visits JUMORE

MBA Delegation of Peruvian ESAN Visits JUMORE

(MBA Delegation of ESAN visits JUMORE)

China is the largest trade partner and export market of Peru in the world. The initiation of the Belt and Road Initiative offers larger space for the development of China-Peru trade. JUMORE, keeping close relationship with Peru, has discussions with Peruvian government and industrial associations, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce, and visited Peru during the APEC Peru 2016. As of now, Peru National Pavilion has been launched on JUMORE Platform, and multiple Peruvian companies have successfully joined in JUMORE International Site.

During the conversation, JUMORE representatives introduced the details of JUMORE platform. JUMORE is the world’s first E4B cross-border e-commerce platform for commodities, goods and service. JUMORE maintains good cooperative relationship with consulates and business associations around the world. Via JUMORE, enterprises can better connect with the global market and grasp development opportunities.

The E4B e-commerce model released by JUMORE during the APEC Peru 2016 sparked hot discussion in Latin America and even in the world, and brought a new round of model-based dividends and development opportunities to companies around the world. Mr. Juan Carlos,Peruvian Ambassador to China indicated that, globalization would require higher standards of efficiency, quality, and competitiveness in the future. He firmly believes that JUMORE can connect China and Peru, as well as China and Latin America, and thus lifting bilateral trade and cooperation to a higher level.

MBA Delegation of Peruvian ESAN Visits JUMORE

(MBA Delegation of Peruvian ESAN visits JUMORE)

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