Meizu Noblue EP52 Review: Best Sport Bluetooth Headset in India


Purchasing Experience

Meizu Noblue EP52 Review: Best Sport Bluetooth Headset in India

It is said that the future is the era of wireless: wireless charging, wireless earphones, wireless keyboard and mouse etc., they make that there are no trouble of “line” in your desk. Indeed, wireless products in the future will really be more convenient. But before it come true, you have to solve some problems, such as the speed of wireless charging, the delay of wireless keyboard and mouse, the quality of wireless headset and so on. As a player who are expectant to all of the future wireless products, before experience wireless headset I consider four types of basic headphones, such as Meizu EP51, the Noblue EP52,Xiaomi sports Bluetooth headset Mini and  QCY Q29 .After considering the purchase reference and buyers’ comments  online ,and thinking that it will be a better choice to buy the latest type, I pass away the Meizu EP51.And I usually wear glasses and do not like Xiaomi’s ear-type headset, so I also pass off the Xiaomi sports Bluetooth headset Mini. I initially want to buy QCY Q29 which has no line and is very convenient to use. But the comments online said this headset has a very obvious problem of disconnection delay, and the sound quality is also very poor, so I eventually bought the Meizu EP52. Then how well this wireless headset is , let us look at the performance of this headset in the actual use.

Opening the box

Meizu Noblue EP52 Review: Best Sport Bluetooth Headset in India

Although it is just a 50-dollar product, but on terms of the packaging, the details show that the Meizu is quite careful. It has a pull-type box and the introduction of products printed around the box, but I do not know whether it is just one case that my box is very difficult to draw out .It is so tight that when I opened the box for the first time, I thought maybe my way to open the box was wrong .So I hope the following packaging can be improved.

The box inside is a magnetic box. There are the main headset, three pairs of silicone ears, three pairs of silicone ear braces, silicone portable bag, USB charger line and a manual in the box. For the first user, it is better to read the instructions first, which will teach you how to connect and some other methods of using.

Using experience

Meizu Noblue EP52 Review: Best Sport Bluetooth Headset in India

My version of the headset is grey. The appearance of it is all grey except for the color of the metal in the ears. Comparing to the red and black version , the grey one is more low-key, and people are not easy to notice the existence of the headset itself.

The weight of single side of the headphones is only 3 grams, which is not heavy to wear. But my auricle is not large, and the design of the ear are flat, so I feel it is not as comfortable as the round wired earphones. After wearing for a long time, my auricle always feels uncomfortable. The collar is designed to be heavy in the front and light at back, so during running, it will be a great jolt, but it does not affect daily running. The button for volume plus and minus are placed on the left side of the collar, and the operation on it has no problem. But I want to point out that the lights of the headphones will be flashing every 5 seconds to the blue light, and particularly bright. You can imagine that a blue light on your neck flashing constantly in the evening is so annoying. So every night when I listen to the video, I hide the headset under my collar to avoid the blue lights affecting my viewing screen.

Hall components are added to the earplug which support binaural magnetic listening. When it is closed, the music pauses. If the time last for more than 5 minutes, the headphones automatically turns off. This function is very convenient in daily life and is very consistent with the using habits of people. This is a function that once you get used to; you will never want to give up.

Headphones also support the IPX5 level waterproof. The sweat of daily sports does not have an impact to the earphones. But it is not recommended to use in the rainy days for the rain will still affect the service life of headphones.

The official claimed that a full time of use of electricity is 8 hours after charging for 2 hours. After a few days of medium use, I think charging after two or three days is necessary, or it will warn that you are in the low battery and need recharge, which is more embarrassing when you use in the next time.

Sound quality

Meizu Noblue EP52 Review: Best Sport Bluetooth Headset in India

All say that comments for headphones quality is metaphysics, because everyone has different preferences, there is no specific standard. Maybe to the beginners, product price is the best criteria to a headset’s quality. I would like to refer to my listening feel in the daily life to tell you about this headset’s performance. EP52 emphasize bass, and weaken the treble, which is consistent with the public’s listening sense, so that people in the exercise can also experience the pleasure of the bass. The problem is that, no matter you’re listening to music or watching video, the bottom noise of this headset is a bit severe. You can hear the noise of the bottom of the sound clearly, when the music sounds is bigger than the bottom of the noise it can be accepted, but if in the quiet place in the night, the volume is small and the bottom noise is particularly obvious, which will affect the daily listening very much. The sound quality when you make a phone call is not good, the noise makes it better to use phone to answer directly.

Latency issues

Meizu Noblue EP52 Review: Best Sport Bluetooth Headset in India

Finally, the Bluetooth headset delay problem, the delay is a old problem for Bluetooth headset. The most intuitive feeling is that the video tone and the painting are in different steps, the character’s mouth type and the voice is always not right, this feeling is so terrible to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Here I also want to introduce why there will be delays, the delay occurs because the digital signal is not a continuous signal but a paragraph after a paragraph. But the Bluetooth headset start playing the audio only after it received a complete signal ,in order to avoid playback when the sound is interrupted, so the headset will often first cache a piece of audio, and then start playing sound, so there is a problem of sound delay. In my daily use of EP52 while watching the video, occasionally there will be a delay problem, but the frequency is not high, and is in an acceptable range, which does not affect the daily use.


Meizu Noblue EP52 Review: Best Sport Bluetooth Headset in India

Noblue EP52 mainly position in Bluetooth sports headphones and wearing it when you are running is no problem. But if you want it to work as a regular main using headphones, it does bring you a lot of troubles, such as the sound quality is not good as wired headphones, there are delays and noise problems and so on.

So to summarize, Noblue EP52 Bluetooth sports headset at the entry-level is a cost-effective product for it has a beautiful design, lightweight fuselage and stable endurance. And if the next generation of products can solve the mentioned several problems above, it is worthy to recommending.

Advantages: cost-effective, high appearance value, long endurance, suitable for daily exercise.

Disadvantages: poor voice quality comparing to the same price of the headset obvious low noise. So the students presuming high quality do not need to consider it.


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