Men love Gifts too. Check out some ideas to pick one for your man


These cool ideas
will help you pick and choose the right gift for the right occasion

Sometimes, choosing a
gift for a man can become more cumbersome than choosing one for a
woman. It  can be for your father, your brother, your boyfriend,
husband, teenage son, a relative or college or even your boss. Gifts
for men
can also depend on occasion and of course age group.

Earlier, we used to
pick a shirt or a T-shirt, or a perfume set, a watch or maybe a
bottle of wine when we had to gift something for a man. With time,gifting ideas and options have changed and now we have
different customized and personalized gift ideas, both for men and

If you are looking for
different gifting ideas for men, here are some ‘cool’
options and places where you can buy them or order them online.

Magic Mug:These mugs are fun and wonderful as gift items. Due to the material,
the image on the mug is not visible, but as you pour hot water, the
image starts coming up. This can be a great gift for dads, brothers,
and even grandfathers with a nice message or image or even a personal
picture which gradually comes as warm water is poured. Interesting,
isn’t it? You can get these mugs personalized from different online
gifting portals like itasveer, Perfico, Zoomin, ,
Printo and other.

Men love Gifts too. Check out some ideas to pick one for your man

This one on Printo is
priced at INR 525.

Quirky T-shirts:T-shirts never go out of fashion, and youngsters nowadays love
quirky and fun T-shirts with images, slogans and creative stuff on
it. So, if you are looking or something for your hubby, son, or
boyfriend, then just pick up a stylish T-shirt or customize one
according to his style. You can check out WYO ,
Teesort, Tshirtwala ,
MyDreamStore and others. You can get your own taglines, slogans,
images or designed printed. You can also gift relation T-shirts
combos from Bonorganik . You will
love their collection.

Men love Gifts too. Check out some ideas to pick one for your man

This themed T-shirt at WYO is priced at INR 549.

Hobby-based Gifts:Hobby-based gifts are a great idea for dad, grandfathers or even
your hubby. You can gift books, according to reading preference, gardening
kits , or any other thing that is related to his hobby. Encourage
him to spend time for his hobbies with this thoughtful gift.

Men love Gifts too. Check out some ideas to pick one for your man

This P epperfy
Gardening kit is available at a discounted price of INR 1448.

Accessories :
Men love drinking. Well, if not all of them, but
most of them. So, why can give them some fun stuff to accessorize
their bar unit.There are various portals like,
Perfico, Happily Unmarried and others where you will find creative
and fun bar accessories. Gift one to your man and see the glow on his
face. From beer mugs to quirky bottle openers, you will find anything
and everything.

This personalized
wine glass pairs is available on Perfico at INR 1299.

Gaming Stuff: If
your man loves games and excitement, then a gaming console can be the
perfect gift for him. Sports gaming consoles or Xbox can be just the right thing for him to chill over the weekend. If he
is a fitness freak, you can also gift him a Fitbit
Smartwatch . Drones are also a great idea for men who are gadget
lovers. You can get amazing deals and offers on Amazon and other
eCommerce portals.

Men love Gifts too. Check out some ideas to pick one for your man

This drone available
on Amazon is priced at INR 2899.

These are some of the
latest and trendy gift ideas for men. Nowadays, a lot
of people prefer personalized gifts so you can also opt for
customized photo frames, photo boxes or table accessories.

Take a look at these
options and pick the best one and treasure the excitement on his face
when he sees it.

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