MI 90 Fun Metal Boarding Case Review: Smart And Chic


(I) Forewords

People are always saying “let’s take a trip without plan”. Actually, many trips without plan are not really practicable. How can you leave for a trip at will without a convenient trunk?

Such a convenient trunk should be able to hold not only the changes of clothes but also the common toiletries and skin care products. Besides, the camera, the computer, the mobile power supply, how can you take a trip without plan if you lack any one of them?

Apart from the function to hold things, the volume, the weight and the capability should reach a perfect balance. Traveling is not moving. Only when you travel light can you enjoy the travel most.

Also, the pull rod, the wheels, the coded lock, every part can directly affect the using experience of a trunk. As a perfect trunk, any detail should be taken into consideration. Only if the pretty appearance, the good design, and the ease of use co-exist, can the product power of a trunk be guaranteed.

MIUI 90fun metal boarding case is another product belonging to MIUI series. Whether it has enough product power to surpass the previous successful aluminum alloy case. After reading the review, I think you will get an answer in your heart.

(II) MIUI custom-made 90fun metal boarding case. Unpack it.

MI 90 Fun Metal Boarding Case Review: Smart And Chic

When I received it, it was a big box. It was very heavy and big. The courier was also very tired.

There is a label sticking on the bottom of the box. Whether the net weight 4.2 Kg or the rough weight 5.8 Kg, they all show that this trunk is quite heavy.

The trademark: 90

The product volume: 31L

The texture of the trunk surface: 100% aluminum-magnesium alloy

The product weight: about 4.2 Kg (the net weight), about 5.8 Kg (the rough weight)

The texture inside the trunk: 100% polyester fibers

The product category: trunk

The product size: 505x383x203mm(20 inch)

On the top left corner of the box, the MIUI custom-made logo is very conspicuous.

After opening it, we can see the protective foam.

After removing the foam, we can still see a cloth bag. The packaging and the protection are reliable. Besides, this cardboard box is very thick and tough. The crash from the sides would not hurt the trunk.

After taking it out, it had such a look with a red cover.

(III) MIUI custom-made 90fun metal boarding case. The appearance.

MI 90 Fun Metal Boarding Case Review: Smart And Chic

After removing the outside cloth bag, I was immediately attracted by the texture of the trunk. Although its volume is really not so big, the texture of the aluminum-magnesium alloy simply kicks ass against the trunks of other texture. Of course, it also crushes other trunks on the aspect of weight. The design of the front of the trunk is very simple. There’s no such things as a logo.

MI 90 Fun Metal Boarding Case Review: Smart And Chic

The back of the trunk is also simple. We can only distinguish the back from the front by the poll rod. All the other things are exactly same as the front.

At one side of the trunk., there is a handle and two awesome coded locks.

At the other side, there are three aluminum magnesium alloy hinges. The trunk is not big, but it has three hinges, so it looks quite strong. There’s a simple label on the top, a 90, its name and logo. There is some information on the back of the trunk.

All the four corners of the trunk have thickened aluminum magnesium alloy wrap angels, which make the four corners round. It looks and feels rounder.

The aluminum magnesium alloy used on the surface of the trunk got brushed treatment. The brushed treatment of the main body is horizontal, and the brushed treatment of the middle reinforced frame is vertical.

As for the handle, the raised aluminum magnesium alloy fixed place have benn chambered in large size to guarantee the roundness of the corners.

The handle has elastic design. If it is not being used, it won’t shake.

Although the thickened aluminum magnesium alloy wrap angels at the four corners look quite beautiful, the detailed parts still have some flaws. The aluminum magnesium alloy wrap angels at both sides have cracks, and they are not balanced. One is big and the other is small,which not only look ugly but also easily collect dust if the crack is too big.

The design of the front trunk is very simple. There is not any logo but the simple strips, which are strip fetish’s favorite, and the plaid fetish may ask more.

At the side of the trunk, the middle is a handle and the two sides are two TSA coded locks.

MI 90 Fun Metal Boarding Case Review: Smart And Chic

The fixed part of the handle is also round.

The TSA coded locks with a little red undoubtedly is the most complex part of the whole trunk. This small coded lock contains many details. In order to make it convenient for users to adjust the code, MIUI specially designed the wheeled code into slanted code, which increase the area of thrust surface. Besides, there is a bump at the side of the trunk, which makes it convenient to bear force.

MI 90 Fun Metal Boarding Case Review: Smart And Chic

The TSA coded lock is certificated by TSA. The staff can use the universal master key TSA when go through the customs and open the luggage that is certificated by TSA without damaged it. It can ensure the luggage to go through the customs safely.

When the coded lock is unlocked is like this, it won’t be upright directly even it is unlocked. It is very convenient for daily usage to reduce the occupied area.

There is a decline pattern of the consolidated aluminium alloy frame and the luggage itself on the side of the coded lock. Reducing the height of the coded lock and make it isn’t the highest point of the side of the luggage can prevent the lock from being damaged. It means that there are many lines on the bending unit of the aluminium alloy frame.

To unlock two coded locks at the same time, you can open the luggage. If you would like to increase the difficulty to unlock you luggage, you can set different passwords of two coded locks.

The other side is the combination of three hinges and two dense rows of rivets.The detail section of the hinges is beautiful that the crack of the luggage frame is small.But the corner of the hinges doesn’t perform chamfering, it feels rough when you touch it quickly.There are plastic cylinders beside the hinges, which are convenient to stand up and can protect the hinges efficiently.There are also dense rivets to fix the bottom of the luggage and four universal wheels can move conveniently.There are three rivets to fix the top of the universal wheels while there is a rivet on the bottom.

MI 90 Fun Metal Boarding Case Review: Smart And Chic

The rivet on the bottom is perfectly round.But there is a hole in the middle of the rivet on the top, I don’t understand the meaning to design it.But there is also a hole in the middle rivet on the other side, it is just designed like this without relating to the quality.The wheels of the universal wheels are soft. When you are touching the wheels, it just like to touch the rubber rather to touch the hard plastic wheels.There are sliver white decoration in the middle of the wheels, beautiful and cool to touch. The materials are not aluminium alloy, because the decorations are not as bright as aluminium alloy.

Let’s look at the middle of the wheel. There is a snap joint used for fixing the outside decorations. The snap joint feels so plastic, which shows that the silver decoration in the middle of the wheel should also be plastic. At the same time, we can see the structure of the wheel, which is divided into two parts. The middle part is the plastic skeleton and the outer part is the soft tyre. MIUI calls this wheel silent wheel. The secret of the silence is probably because of this texture.

MIUI advertises that this wheel can be taken apart quickly. There is a metal screw in the middle of it. But I don’t have such a big hexagon wrench. There are also many plastic stiffeners around it. The strength is guaranteed at a certain degree.

There are many rivets on the bottom. Each of them has its function. They play a role in fixing other stuff inside the trunk.

IV The interior of the MIUI custom-made 90fun metal boarding case.

MI 90 Fun Metal Boarding Case Review: Smart And Chic

After opening it, we can see at a glance the Y -shape ribbon for fixing. There is also a partition at one side, where you can put many such things as certificates that need to be accessed easily.

There is a small label can be seen in the middle of the luggage, which is written the number of the luggage and a line of words “Design By Germany Runmi”Y-type fixed webbing is more reasonable than two fixed webbing of the ordinary luggage.The head of the fixed webbing is wrapped by leather and there is 90 in the middle.The middle head is made of metal and it is smooth and convenient to touch it.The middle part is made of metal. It has a comfortable feeling.Y-type fixed webbing is made of Velcro. To unlock it is very convenient.Y-type fixed webbing is on the edge of the suitcase with rivets to fasten to the metal.

The lateral of the suitcase is a concave, convex u-shape design. It is not a double u-shape, but one side is U-shape with a U-shaped lock design. In this way, it can close tighter, and a rubber cushion.The rubber cushion is very soft. Not only can amortize but also can give a better sealing.The lower internal part of the suitcase is made of polyester fiber with zip pocket in the middle.

It is a reversed zipper, so it is hard to pull.After pull down the zipper, unexpectedly, you can see the inner part of the suitcase.

The other side, there is a separator and the Y-type fixed webbing.

TSA locks are also on this side of the box. You can see the obvious three screws locks. It does not present any problem. Carefully looking at the inner part of the lock, except for the password dial made of plastic material, the other components are all made of metal. It should be very durable and reliable.

The fixed way of the handle and the lock are similar. A piece of metal plus two screws. It is uncertain if its internal locking design is shrapnel, but it can guaranteed that can use it for a long time.The division pocket is grid of meshes; you can see the things that you put in that compartment.There is a manual inside the pocket.There is detailed description of the various parameters and the use of the suitcase.The more useful are the introduction of the parts of the suitcase and the settings of the lock. There is a tube in the middle of the separator. It looks like plastic and has certain toughness.Opening this side of the box, you can clearly see the inside part and the extendable handle. The more unexpected is that the inside is also aluminum alloy. The choice of material is brilliant.The lower part is made of plastic.A thicker black material and screws are used at the top, and a gasket is under the screws.Looking close at the suitcase, you can clearly see the rubber cushion around the box with the function of amortization and sealing.

(V). Xiaomi Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase customized version—Extendable handle

MI 90 Fun Metal Boarding Case Review: Smart And Chic

The extendable handle of a suitcase is very important. This version is grey, and on it is printed the logo “90”.

Gently pull up, it can see the first gear. It is very low.

The button of the handle is very comfortable and has some stretch.

Next the second and third gear.

In the fourth gear, you can see the looking piece.

The highest length of the extension is about two times the suitcase, approx. one meter.

After pull it all up, you can clearly see the difference between the different height lock port.

But after pull it all out, it feels pretty dangling. A bit lower, the stability of the handle is very good.

Finally, I want to say that the overall value of this suitcase is very high. Whether it is about the details, or the appearance, all are very good. Next topic is about its practicability. As a 20-inch suitcase, 4 wheels. Is it really possible to roll as it seem?

(VI). Xiaomi Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase customized version– Review

The thickness of the suitcase is around 10cm and width around 38cm. If you have no idea of this length just put an iPad Air2 and you will understand.

In the middle of the space of the inner part of the suitcase is an iPad Air 2.

Then is the daily use test. Now is autumn, although the weather is cool, but is not too cold. For a week business trip, generally is needed two sets of change of clothes. Here are two thick suits, two shirts, slacks, pair of jeans, a wash bag, and a multi-use bag.

When you fold your clothes, you will find that the space is about 50cm in length and almost as large as a conventional stack of clothes. One side is full of clothes, fixed very strong with Y-type fixed webbing. On the other side are a wash bag, multi-use bag, micro-bag, electric toothbrush and charger, razor and charger, common used lotion and hand cream, and of course, still can put some more small things.

MI 90 Fun Metal Boarding Case Review: Smart And Chic

At this point, covering the suitcase does not have any pressure. Moreover, a business of a week in Autumn is not problem. Of course, if you need to go on a business trip and have a computer or something, you still have some space for it.

However, winter is coming soon. Besides thick clothes wear a down jacket is common choice. So below we try to put a down jacket, a shirt, a thick suit, casual pants and a set of autumn clothes and see if it fit.

Still ok, but is clear that it takes a bit more effort than before.

It naturally close. The suitcase pop up 3 cm, but with a little pressure it easily close it up.

In addition, there is a bad point that we should pay attention. When I was using the suitcase, I found that the cortex of head of the Y-type fixed ribbon would hang to the middle of the metal buckle.

Finally, of course we need to test the smoothness of the roller. One-handed turn, can you imagine this smooth degree? Of course, the suitcase is empty.

(VII) . Summary

1.90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase as a product of Mijia in the field of Luggage, cannot exaggerate to say that the price would be higher because of his material of aluminum-magnesium. The review is completed. The strength of the material of the luggage is not a problem. If it is for Mogu,100USD for a business trip luggage is an acceptable price.

2.The materials, workmanship, and details of the 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase are fantastic. The places outside part and the inner part, all are well done. Whether it is the internal metal rod shell, frame-type box, or a variety of fixed metal blocks, or TSA code lock, or U-shaped groove design of the lock. There is also a conducive sealing and damping of the rubber mat. All this features make the appearance that the suitcase durability is tough.

3.20-inch, with a capacity of around 31L, as a simple travel luggage, it has almost no problem. If the size of the 20-inch cannot be accepted and you want a24 inches or 28 inches, then you first need to accept its weight. In the case of 20 inches, its weight is about 10 pounds.

4.The last thing to say is the appearance. Although there is no logo, and is only decorated with a simple stripe, but Mogu review said that the product is well made.

5.In addition, all the review is made from a Science and Engineering student’s view. If it is a girl, I think that 200L of capacity she can also fill it up.

Thank you!

The End

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