MI Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review: Save Your Wired Earphones


Writing in the front

Since the iPhone 7, the iPhone has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack. Android phones, including the mi 6 and HTC U11, also canceled the interface. So the user is overwhelmed, as it seems like a luxury to listen to songs/sing/play games while charging. Of course, someone might already be thinking about buying a Bluetooth headset. Frankly, I’m a little reluctant to buy a headset for $160 (especially if I lose it). Of course, I did buy a Bluetooth headset. For example, a $20 headset (for running) at a Xiao MI mall doesn’t match the sound quality of a regular earpiece. Because I couldn’t afford to throw out the 3.5mm earphones, and I wanted to be able to charge my phone while I listened to it, so I set my sights on the main character of today — Mi Bluetooth audio receiver. To put it simply, you can put a 3.5mm earphone into a Bluetooth headset.

Appearance introduction

I threw away the original box because it had been used for some time. The scary thing is that I threw away the wiring for the headphones that came with the package. Let’s take a look at the mainframe. Its front is very simple, except for the indicator light, there is only one button. (this is followed by the specific action of the press in the “operating instructions”)

MI Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review: Save Your Wired Earphones

The clip on the back is made of metal, with the signature logo of xiaomi under the clip — “MI”

MI Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review: Save Your Wired Earphones

Top, a headphone jack.

MI Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review: Save Your Wired Earphones

At the bottom, a microUSB interface does not have a charging line at random, but it’s not hard to find.

MI Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review: Save Your Wired Earphones

In terms of weight, it’s actually very light, 10.1g.

MI Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review: Save Your Wired Earphones

In terms of length, 6cm, you can do it by yourself, right, that’s it.

MI Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review: Save Your Wired Earphones

Introduction: main engine, headphone switch, instruction manual.

Operating instructions

As a headphone extension device, it is the most basic function to make the earphone sound. So can there be some other convenient operation, I think this is everybody’s concern. So this one, let me tell you a little bit about the basic operation of this receiver.

1. Pairing:Press the switch until the blue light flashes, and if you wear headphones, you will be prompted to “search for Bluetooth”. When the phone turns on Bluetooth, it will automatically prompt the pairing; After a successful pairing, start the receiver next time and see the blue light flashes (when the headphone is worn, the headset prompts the device to be activated).

2. Music playback: Play/pause: click on the switch.

Top/next: double-click on the switch to switch to the next one; Three punch switch, switch to one.

3. Call scene: Hang up in incoming call/call: click on the switch.

Reject incoming call: long press switch.

As you can see from this section, the gestures that it requires are indistinguishably from the daily line control headphones, which should not have much effect on people in their habits.

Use feeling

Wear: it’s a small clip, so it’s easy to wear. However, the distance of the whole clip is shorter, so it will not be fastened in the thick winter clothes.

Listening: sound quality does not listen to any loss, but if it is playing games, you can feel the delay.

Line control function: can connect/hang the phone, can adjust music, at least you don’t have to pick up the phone frequently. For iOS users, however, the wake-up call is clearly inadequate. At least when I’m wearing headphones, the President presses the mic button to call out Siri “hey Siri, help me call XXX”

A design bug is that the long press function button is to reject the phone, and the pairing function of the receiver is in conflict with the receiver, so the “pairing” is triggered after the phone is rejected. Fortunately, after restarting it, you can reconnect.

Battery: the maximum usage time is 4 hours at present; it’s about two hours to recharge. Don’t worry about the lack of electricity. You can recharge your batteries and listen to songs on your commute.

Packaging: because the packaging was so simple that I was not interested in moving on. So I didn’t know until I wrote this today that there was a headset switch.For a piece of $16 Bluetooth audio receiver, its price is not so cheap, but its value is worth it for its beautiful appearance.


Source: smzdm.com

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