MI Electric Kettle Review: Intelligent and Cheap


I only share good products, and let experts do the detection. I bought a ZMI’s portable power source the last time. Although it’s not Xiao MI’s product, the concise style and the inexpensive price of it is really got my heart.

The reason for purchase,

I lost my electric kettle when moving, so I pay close attention to the kettle . Xiao MI had an electric kettle before.

But the function of thermostat is not useful for me, and it is not convenient to connect by Bluetooth. Fortunately, Xiao MI pushes out a more convenient kettle which gets rid of thermostat and can intelligently connect by an app.

Appearance display,

  1. The packaging,

The delivery is fast, the electric kettle has arrived at the second day. The packaging is clean and concise. Take out my knife to unpack. Because there are transparent masking tapes, it should be new. There is one card with specification and warranty. (Actually, it’s a normal electric kettle, specification is not necessary.) A translucent plastic paper is on the kettle, which makes it seems very clean.

MI Electric Kettle Review: Intelligent and Cheap

2.The main body

The kettle’s white color and texture are almost the same with the pedestal’s. There is an indistinct logo at the lower of the kettle. It’s good to be inconspicuous.

MI Electric Kettle Review: Intelligent and Cheap

This is the pedestal’s front and the reverse side, the reference datum like the rate of power which is 1800W is not so important.

The natural open angle of the lid is about 30 degree. It is said that this degree can prevent scalded by steam. The design is full of humanness. By the way, the spring is forceful. The gap looks good, and the workmanship is meticulous. The button of uncapping feels good too. The biggest open angle of the lid is about 80 degree, which is convenient for taking water. British STRIX temperature controller and the 304 stainless inner container which is punch-formed at one time are standard configuration. There are some warnings, but I haven’t used it to do anything else. This is the workmanship of kettle’s bottom, three screws are used to fix kettle’s heating coil. It is light-colored orange when heating. Two kettles I used before are both bright blue light and I prefer Xiao MI’s warm-toned light which is beautiful.

MI Electric Kettle Review: Intelligent and Cheap

The use feeling,

This electric kettle of Xiao MI is good in workmanship.

The selling price is  not expensive. The outlook is concise and clean. The function without thermostat and intelligent connected App became a more pure “electric kettle”.

More than 4 minutes boiling time is according with official five minutes words.


Hope Xiao MI will produce cheaper and more useful products. I’m planning to buy the new robot cleaner and will share with you once I get the chance.

After resigned and moved, I haven’t releaed originals to get gold coins due to low sprits. But I have been getting better recently. Have a nice life!

Author: GT_7

Source: smzdm.com

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