Microsoft Fitness Band Review: Experience and Evaluating


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There are not many fitness brands in India. Honestly speaking, this is a late fit bands reviews for I bought this Microsoft Band 2 in 2017 costing me about ₹12,600 on Amazon, and I’m sorry that I can’t remember the detailed figures exactly. Actually, to write an unpacking log now is kind of late but I feel it reassuring and the reason why I write this is to record and share.Also, it’s a comprehensive summary for my using. OK! Now let’s formally talk about my experience and evaluation of Microsoft Band

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As this passage is very detailed, there are many characters and pictures. If you don’t have time to read it over now you can follow me and take your time.

Reasons for purchase

Dating back to 2017, I always wanted to buy a sports bracelet.( As at my free time I liked to play sports and keep fit, I thought to have a professional equipment was better.) And at that time, Apple Inc. had just released Apple Watch 1 which cost about ₹ 30,240 without GPS, so I gave up it decisively. Then I compared smart bracelets from Garmin, Samsung and Microsoft and so on, finally the powerful features and excellent software of Microsoft determined me to buy it.


Microsoft Fitness Band Review: Experience and Evaluating

External packing is missed so I put on the product box directly. The front and back, the design of the box, and the color blending of white, blue and black, three things above make it simple and beautiful. There are 3 sizes and you can download pdf from the official website and print it, then you can decide which size suits you best. Let’s see it from multiple perspectives. Product information and serial number and so on. The product box is drawer design. Open the drawer you can see the bracelet on top, and the bracelet is put upright of which the whole body is black. It’s only 5mm between one side of the bracelet and the product box, and a little white rectangular paper box is put upright. What a compact space design . Open the white paper box; you can see the inner side of the white box is blue. Inside the white box there are an instruction book, a product catalogue and a product card. The USB cable is put at the bottom.

The appearance, functions and details

Microsoft Fitness Band Review: Experience and Evaluating

The USB cable: One end of the charging line is USB interface, the other end is a cuboid with arc design where you can connect with the bracelet. And there is a Microsoft logo on the center of the cuboid surface. The charging interface is magnetic, once you put the bracelet close; they generate a magnetic, mutual attraction automatically. You can see there are 5 metal contacts

Microsoft Fitness Band Review: Experience and Evaluating

Home screen: OLED touch curved-display. There is no uncomfortable crook or hard corner, and its arc is very suitable for your wrist. Compared with other bracelets, this screen is big enough, however, it’s small compared to smart watch.

Bracelet lock: The material used here is metal shines like silver, and you can adjust the size freely. The cramp ring is connected by an adaptive chute, you can pinch the cramp rings both sides to adjust the size or take off the bracelet. You can see on the button there is a UV sensor, which can automatically detects the UV intensity of sunlight. And underside of the button there is a metal charging interface with 5 metal contacts which can be connected with the charger. The material of the strap is a kind of rubber, which can give the skin a softer and smoother feeling, but it is not strong and wear-resistant, so it cannot be used for long.

At the end of the band is a bump, and the battery is placed below the strap. And in the picture where I marked the red spot is where the skin electrical sensor hand been located. There are only two simple keys on the bracelet: the center one is the power button, which works the same as the on-off of the phone, and also for locking screen. Next to it is the small ACTION function key, mainly to activate, start, pause the functions of the bracelet; usually there will be a system prompt. The hole on the right side of the power button is the microphone, and the barometer is right on the other side. Through the barometer, you will be able to compute how many floors you have climbed, or when you climb a mountain you can know the height above sea level .The optical heart rate sensor is below the dial, and the accelerometer and GPS are hidden deeper.

Ok, I’ve written the appearance and functions so much, it is dazzling, which makes the function seems so powerful that no other bracelet can be compared to it.

Detailed diagram and function setting of Microsoft Band 2 matching

Microsoft Fitness Band Review: Experience and Evaluating

First, how to match?

  • Take the iPhone as an example. First, download and install Microsoft Health APP on your mobile phone, open and click Sign in

  • Enter the login user name

  • Enter the login password again

  • Turns on the Bluetooth of the phone, and switched on the bracelet. Then select English for the language (no Chinese option), next you need to click the blue block on the phone to select Microsoft Band 2

  • The mobile phone will automatically enter the matching device searching mode and you select “pair now” on the bracelet

  • Microsoft Band 2 is a wearable device that supports iOS, Android and Windows.

  • Select continue on the phone. Wait for the device to be found. Devices found each other

  • Find the Microsoft Band 2 device in your phone and select it

  • The matching PIN code is required to determine the matching codes in the mobile phone and the bracelet

  • Success

After the first match is completed, the system will prompt for updating the software, and it will take several minutes to update the software. After updating the Settings, press the action button on the bracelet to continue, then the matching process is completed. After that, the time display and the magnetic paste interface will appear in the bracelet. Let’s enter the settings of personalized use of the bracelet.

Personalized manual setting

Microsoft Fitness Band Review: Experience and Evaluating

Set your favorite color and wallpaper

  • In the Microsoft Health application, click the top left button to select “Personalize Band”

  • Enter the color and wallpaper Settings

  • Choose the background pattern you like

  • Download the update

  • Wallpaper setting is successful; you can use the same method to change the color

Interface setting of magnetic paste function

Microsoft Fitness Band Review: Experience and Evaluating

Also in the Microsoft Health application, click the top left button and select “Manage tiles”

The mobile phone can be placed horizontally, and the middle row is the magnetic paste function interface

You can drag left or right and change the order, and put the commonly used magnets in the front position

You can choose the desired function through the magnetic paste function button, and use the slider to open some magnetic stickers on the mobile phone and the bracelet

You can also turn the watch mode on: click  “gear” icon on the bracelet to enter Settings, open the “alarm clock” icon to enter the watch mode, the bracelet will ask the user wearing habits, for example, selecting “left inside” (left hand the inside of the wrist)

Finally, the information of the stock software on the phone can also be displayed on the phone

There are a lot of other Settings, and the method is the same as above. While you can draw inferences about other cases from one instance, I won’t list anymore. This is the end of this link.


Microsoft Fitness Band Review: Experience and Evaluating

1. Wearing feelings: The official suggestion is that the screen be put inby.

My wearing feelings: on the whole, it’s OK, and sometimes it’s a little bit hard for my hand on both sides (it’s probably because there is not a lot of meat on the wrist, which should be a case-by-case and not for a lot of people). But when you are working such as typing on the desk, it’s a little uncomfortable as the bracelet will make the wrist feel some part is aerial. What’s more, the bracelet will rub on the desk. All in all, the comfort level needs to be improved.

2. Music playback: Double click on the power button to activate, you can play music. And no need for mobile phone operation, which I like very much. The connection is based on the music player used last time (a bit slow at the first connection, don’t worry).

3. Long sitting reminder: A lot of bracelets have this function, and the motion of the bracelet tells you to get up and move.

4. Heart rate monitoring: Since it is the photoelectric heart rate, it is not necessary to wear the heart rate band. It is very convenient to check the heart rate. My monitoring results are as follows. What? Is it accurate? I can’t be sure of that. I think maybe the int single is not that accurate yet the int ten should be accurate

5. UV detection: Activate UV function on the bracelet. Detecting… Before the midsummer, the ultraviolet ray did not exceed the standard, and the light is normal. (There will be a vibration alert when it exceeds the standard.)

6. Barometer: This is my date after climbing up to 12th floor.

7. Cycling detection: Ready to start a new bike ride. In cycling, you can see some of the cycling parameters if you slide to the left on the bracelet. If the GPS is turned on, you can check all kinds of information and data on your mobile APP after the ride.

8. Walking function: Similar to the bike function interface, so I’ll stop here.

9. Running detection: The page is as follows, the operation mode is nearly the same, and I won’t repeat.


Microsoft Fitness Band Review: Experience and Evaluating


1. Pleasing appearance of the bracelet, colorful touch curved screen,  silver metal surface, metal lock and so on are nice.

2. Because of the built-in of many sensors (11 of them), the motion monitoring function is very powerful, which makes it enough to be called the artifact.

3. Included GPS. Now, of course, that’s nothing, but what about two years ago? You know the Apple Watch, of which it wasn’t added until the third generation released last year.

4. Good support for the Windows, Android and iOS platforms. There are not many wearable devices can perform as well as this one.

5, Microsoft Health. The software functions are very very powerful, especially its web site, using now the most popular cloud technology and analysis, providing more data to support, and so that it will make a better motion analysis. All above make it very suitable for sports fans, especially for those who are crazy for data.


1. Battery life: It can be used for two days without cycling and running, and only about half a day if the GPS is heavily used by testing. Personally I think until battery technology gains a great break, for all wearable devices battery life will always be a problem.

2. Waterproof: It is very weak in waterproof, and using with little water beads is quite enough for it. Let’s say this is the biggest shortboard in the functions. Wanna go swimming or boating? You’d better not wear it.

3. APP: Thanks to the powerful software of Microsoft, Microsoft Health APP is powerful, but as Chinese is not supported, it’s not convenient to see the motion data, and so on. After all, professional terms are so many and my English level is still not enough.

4. There are no popular functions such as NFC and mobile payment. Of course, because the positioning of the bracelet is just for fitness and exercise, this is too much to ask.

5. the most serious problem is that the wristband is broken gradually, and my bracelet has a clear cut now.

Buying advice: If you’re looking for a good-looking and fashionable one, my personal recommendation is to buy Apple Watch 3; if it is only for step and heart rate measuring or so on, please select the Mi Band or HUAWEI Band; if you’re a sports buff and a data freak, you’re right to choose this one.

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