MONTBLANC 112515 Review: Perfect Choice for Gentlemen


Is a brand which manufactures pens to produces wrist watches works?

The most impressive thing of MONTBLANC is their fountain pens. I purchase this pen with a questionable attitude. Definitely, I have read lots of articles about it before I buy it.

Created in 1906, MONTBLANC is a German brand which mainly produces high-end stationery in its early days (this point is crucial). Their pens are popular, work fluently and have a fine appearance design. White hexagram with black background is their iconic logo.

MONTBLANC has been takeover by a great luxury brand—Richmond Group, in 1993. After been promoted by Richmond Group, MONTBLANC begin to extend their product line, from leather ware, jewelry, and perfume to releasing MONTBLANC MEISTERSTUCK wrist watch for the first time in 1997, from the acquisition of Minerva to releasing their first self-produced movement—Nicolas in 2010.

We can see the history of MONTBLANC is very short, only 20 years. How to do with the accumulation is not enough?

There is their big brother—Richmond Group. They can buy everything they want. Buy a factory if they haven’t one. Find technology if they haven’t. Besides, Richmond Group has many watch brands: VACHERON CONSTANTIN, A.LANGE.SOHNE, ROGER DUBUIS, PIAGET, JAEGER-LECOULTRE, IWC, PANERAI, CARTIER and BAUME&MERCIER. Don’t them afraid of producing watches.

Under the support of powerful consortium, Richmond Group which is a big shot adept at making luxury goods made an excellent work about MONTBLANC’s wristwatch which grow from nothing and to strong. Many friends who love and want to buy a watch would worry that whether a wristwatch promoting by a powerful brand is reliable.

MONTBLANC 112515 Review: Perfect Choice for Gentlemen

This is my MONTBLANC watch.

It has classic ETA700-movement, elegant and concise design, plain radicalized silvery disk and 5.8mm ultrathin thickness. It is soft to put on wrist.

This is the disk of the watch.

The two-pointer design seems plainer. The pointer after polished match with nail bar scale relieve with brushed silver disk.

The square-located number made watch seems upright and foursquare. The whole disk cannot be simpler. It is this style highlight German’s traditional minimalism and is practical with no affectation.


MONTBLANC 112515 Review: Perfect Choice for Gentlemen

Thin is the first feature. Full polished fair shaped shell match with lathy watch ear just right. There is nothing weird to put on this 6.75mm watch when wear dress shirt. The 38mm face of gear warp is low-key and conforms to the need of meeting.


MONTBLANC 112515 Review: Perfect Choice for Gentlemen

The thin crocodile leather band is surprised matching with 19-16mm breadth of watch. The workmanship of appearance is convincing. The MONTBLINC engraved by steel buckle manifest their brand power.


MONTBLANC 112515 Review: Perfect Choice for Gentlemen

There are numerous brands who use universal movement (BLANCPAIN, Omega, ULYSSE NARDIN, MAURICELAC ROIX, NOMOS, MOVADO, BAUME&MERCIER, CHRONOSWISS, STOWA)which has 42hours impetus, 23.3mm diameter, 2.5mm thickness, 17 rubies and 21600 times per hour swing frequency. ETA7001 is also an advanced configuration which has no grade when it rolled off the factory floor. The advanced configuration includes: NIVAFLEX spring, GLUCYDUR balance, ANACHRON hairspring and INCABLOC shock absorber.

NOMOS is a more successful factory who improved 7001, another is MAURICELAC ROIX. MONTBLANC taken out the second hand, abolished the movement and added decorative abolishment. At the same time, we can see 7001-movement is rather small and MONTBLANC designed to use double out race to display movement. The whole reverse side looks so beautiful.

The 500 hours test of movement is a selling point of quality guarantee, and one more test is better than no.


Although it is a little low-end mechanical watch, MONTBLANC give me a feeling of cultivated gentle watch. The control of the style of the watch is very good, and the style is inosculated with their products very well. Although they manufacture watches midcourse from produce pens, we can see watches and pens are men’s favorites, which is accord with the brand consistency. Let alone the white hexagram is so beautiful. They have a great improvement in strength supported by Richmond Group and Minerva. You should know Minerva is frequenter of top line brands like PP and VC.

On the whole, MONTBLANC’s wristwatch is mainly driven by brand. In simple terms, brand is greater than products. Although configurations in all aspects are good, they lack of soul and history. They need to accumulate for a long time. Anyway, it is a good choice whether appearance or brand when you present some occasions like banquet. Concise and resplendent design and ultrathin thickness is suitable for putting on when you wear thick clothes in winter, because you can retract into shirt easily. MONTBLANC has strong brand force, so when some others asked which brand is it, they are likely to know it. The following is grades, and full mark is 10.

Appearance mark: 7.6

Disk mark: 7.5

Movement mark: 6.4

Price mark: 6.8

Comprehensive mark: 7.0

Author: dushiwanbiao


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