New 7 Inch Kindle Oasis2 review


Kinle celebrates its 10th anniversary this year like iPhone. Since 19th November 2007, this reading equipment has been companying with users. I still remenber the first time I encountered with kindle, I was totally attracted by the fantastic electronic ink, and coundn’t make sure whether those words were displayed or printed. Ten years passed by, and kindle has launched various products. This kind of 7 inch product is the latest product.

Except black and white, this new kindle oasis adds the color of champagne golden which is only for 32G gift package. It seems like more expensive than the 8G version, but it is cost-efficient because users actually purchase extra leather protective Sleeve . I have already had two black kindle, so this time I buy a gold color.

There are some pictures in the following:

New 7 Inch Kindle Oasis2 review

This new kindle uses metal shell instead of plastic, which looks textured. It is also elegant especially with champagne golden. It still follows a classic design of oasis with handles and physical keys, which is easy to operate with on hand. Unlike the old version of oasisi, the new version hides the battery inside the kindle instead of adopting split-type design. I guess that is because of the waterproof function. The new contains IPX8 waterproof, and it can stay in water for about 60 minutes without being damaged. However, I think it is unnecessary to abandon the feature of “light as nothing” in order to be waterproof. Users emphasize more on the comfort level of long reading. Although it uses metal shell, actually it is not so weighty. It feels like PW3 when you hold it in hand. The metal frame feels a little bit uncomfortable, but it gets better when you get used to it.

The new kindle has 7 inch screen that increases about 30 display area. It also updates the electronic reading lamp, which makes it more comfortable and reduces the frequency of turning pages. The screen is yellowish, which looks more like paper. It is said that the problem of yellow tint on monitor gets improved. The automatic reading light that was removed on oasis 1 is gotten back, which the screen can adjust brightness according to surroundings. Compared with reading words, the new size of kindle is more meaningful for reading comics. I specially compared the old size screen and Japanese comics, and found that the whole picture was shrinken, which is tired to read especially when the words are small. Now, 7 inch screen can restore the pictures by 1:1 percentage, which is easier to read. I think kindle increases the size of screen mainly in order to serve comic book lovers.

New 7 Inch Kindle Oasis2 review

The new kindle increases the storage space that contains 32G. In fact, 4G is totally enough with just reading words, even if you store 100 works like

As for endurance of battery, there is no specific data. However, the new kindle has similar smart cover of old oasis+(the new one weighs 190g, the old one weighs 230g ), and the latter costs part of electric quantity when it is charging, so I estimate that the new kindle can still last a few weeks with being used 1 hour everyday. The automatical light keeps the device in the state of high brightness, so in order to save electric quantity, you’d better turn off this function.

New 7 Inch Kindle Oasis2 review

Kindle also has bluetooth VoiceView only for English version. Only the English books with VoiceView have had this function. Actually there are many functions to be extended because of bluetooth. For example, I have always been complaining about that my hands are so cold when using kindle. It is great if there is a tiny page-turner, and I can put the kindle beside pillow with hands in the quilt, and press the button to turn pages. Although it’s just imagination, bluetooth makes it possible.

In conclusion, this new kindle follows the traditional design, abandons the idea of blindly decresing weight, improves the product structure, and enhances competitiveness of comics reading. If you have oasis1, you do not bother to buy it. If your pw is used mainly to read comics, then you’d better buy the new kindle. In my opinion, this kindle is basically near perfect. Maybe the next new product will head for the field of color ink.

Advantages: Good-looking appearance, Waterproof Anti-shock, High definition screen

Disadvantages: A litte high price

Purchase Place: Amazon

Author: zhenwangsijin


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