NYX Make Up Vs Make Up Forever: A Battle of Setting Sprays


NYX Make Up Vs Make Up Forever: A Battle of Setting Sprays

In this world of women and makeup, one
thing is common— makeup sliding off from our face, whenever we go out applying
it. Blame it on the hot and humid weather, but do not let it overpower your womanly
fetishes. To come to your rescue, plenty of renowned brands have launched
setting sprays, but with so many of them at our hand, it turns out difficult to
settle on one. Keeping this in mind, the article highlights two of the most reputed
ones— NYX Makeup Setting Spray and Make Up For Ever Setting Spray, also
known by MUFE Mist & Fix Setting Spray. If you are in a quandary, read on
to find out, which will suit your skin type and supersede your expectations at
the end.

Setting Spray — A Non Greasy, Rain-Friendly Formula

NYX Make Up Vs Make Up Forever: A Battle of Setting Sprays

As you know, NYX Setting Spray comes in two variants— dewylook and matt finish . However, this review will highlight more on the
latter than the former.

lightweight solution is ready to impart that flawless look without letting you
step out of your comfort zone. So no matter how many layers of makeup you apply,
this promises a long lasting finishing touch, without causing colour to fade. Let’s
look into the positives and negatives of this product here—

Thumbs Up:

· Ensures
a long lasting effect just by spraying twice on your face

· Despise
rain? Do not worry; you can still look stunning even in the rainy season, as it is absolutely waterproof!

· Best makeup setting spray for oily
skin as well as dry

· Keeps
your T-zone dry and prevents it from turning shiny

Thumbs Down:

· If the stark matte look is what you are fond of then this product might
not meet your expectations

· High in alcohol percentage,
causing dryness

Setting Spray is truly a miracle product and does more than it claims.

Up For Ever Setting Spray— For Women Working Round The Clock

NYX Make Up Vs Make Up Forever: A Battle of Setting Sprays

Introducing you to the secret weapon of all
the pretty ladies out there! This non-sticky, lightweight formula is a reason
why working women still look fresh and radiant even after a hectic schedule. By
locking in makeup, it helps keep the colours fresh. Let’s check out its
positives and negatives below—


· No matter how much you sweat,
this formula will keep your makeup intact for straight 12 hours, no more, no

· Suits every skin type— oily,
dry or normal

· Free from alcohol and dermatologist tested. In short, it is absolutely safe for
your sensitive skin!

· Hydrates skin leaving it all
silky smooth.

· Augments oxygenation

· Arrives in two sizes, 30ml and
125 ml, so that depending on your daily dose or frequency of use, you can opt
for the ideal one.


· The nozzle is not quite what you
expect. This is probably why the liquid does not come out as a super fine mist.

· Swallows colour pigments when
applied on skin/face from a close distance.

Feel like a diva when you apply this formula
on your face post makeup, providing you with a flawless and dewy finish.

Who Wins The Battle?

In this battle of setting sprays, users
like us, are usually the victims , juggling between all the high-end
brands. However, with this precise
review, you can now confidently walk down to a physical store and come out with
the best
makeup setting spray for oily skin and dry skin, without letting the salesperson
manipulate your decision.

As of who
wins the battle, it is obviously you! With this comprehensive review at your
hand, you can now steer clear of second thoughts at the time of purchases. However,
if you are apprehensive about which of it leads the way, then Make Up For Ever wins
from the perspective of an alcohol-free setting spray. However, if waterproof
is what you prioritize then NYX Makeup Setting Spray does the job

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