OnePlus 3T Pixel Experience – Get the Look of Pixel Without Root

Your current Android phone is probably feeling a bit primitive after you鈥檝e seen all the cool features which google released with there new flagship duo called pixel and pixel XL which is one of the best Google device yet made and also one of the best smartphone released in 2016. But there is a close competitor of pixel in the market called Oneplus 3t which delivers the same performance as pixel but at half the price.

Now if we talk about the software experience then both the devices are running the stock version on latest Android nougat. Where pixel has some additional cosmetic changes like pixel launcher,new icons and with some extra features.

So if you are willing to make your Oneplus 3 and 3t look exactly like pixel devices then you are watching the right video, and you know what’s the best thing you don’t need to be rooted. This will also work on other Android devices too so you don’t have to worry about that. Now with that been said let’s start.

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So let’s start with getting a launcher and i am not talking about pixel launcher. No doubt that it’s a fantastic and clean launcher but it lack in terms Customization. But if you want a launcher that will give you a pixel look and it also has lots of features then my first and last choice is nova.

So go and get it from playstore and it’s a paid app but if you want to pay then you can download it from any third party website i will leave a link in the description box.

Now First download the backup of nova launcher from download link and put it in the internal memory of your device. I created this backup for you guys so that you don’t have to go throught with the settings to setup nova launcher like pixel.

All Download Links:

1- Nova launcher
2- Nova Backup File
3- Pixel Camera
4- PixBar

Once backup is downloaded you can now install the nova launcher and once the setup is finish open it. Now at the right corner you will find an option to select backup file just click on that option and provide permission if needed, then navigate to that backup file which you downloaded earlier and select it.

Now as you can see your basic layout will looks exactly like pixel but the icons are not rounded and search bar also don’t looks like pixel. So now we have to do some minor tweaks so lets start with search bar.

Press and hold search bar unless you see these options now select edit, now select this layout because it looks closest to pixel launcher but there are some other layouts too from which you can select according to your preference.

Icon Pack:

Now once it’s done go to play store and search for pixel icon pack and install it, this will basically make your icons rounded just like pixel. Once the icons are installed go to nova setting then look and feel then icon theme ,from here select pixel icon pack and then go back and now as you can see that your icons looks exactly like pixel.


Now its time for the wallpaper again go to play store and type wallpapers and download this app. Its the official app from Google which they used in pixel devices. From this app you will get all the pixel wallpapers.

Pixel Navigation Keys:

Now let’s get the pixel navigation keys again for that you need to download an app which is called pixel bar i had made a separate video on that you can check out that in the card or in the description box.

So after installing this app the setup is quite simple, when you open the app the only thing which you have to do is to enable show button fill this will basically create an overlay of new navigation button over your previous navigation buttons and note that if your device don’t have on screen navigation keys then it will not work.

Now if you take a quick look over your device then you will see that your device looks exactly like pixel and for achieving this look you haven’t rooted your device.

Android N Camera:

The last app is optional which you can install if you like too and personally i like the pixel camera app so i usually prefer this over my stock camera app and you can also get this app from the link in the description box as this is not officially available on play store and remember it will only work with Android version 7.0 or higher.

So guys that’s it for this tutorial i hope you liked it and if you do then do subscriber to my YouTube channel for more videos like this and i will see you guys in my next one.

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