Oneplus 5 Review: Good Choice For Android User


What I bought is the 8G + 128G version; the same level of MI 6 6G + 128G’s , so the difference is very great. As for the appearance, I can say that Oneplus is the best. if not for the difference of size, you cannot tell p7Plus with Oneplus 5

Oneplus 5 Review: Good Choice For Android User

Oneplus 5 is equipped with a 3300mAh battery, 300mAh higher than the Samsung Galaxy S8. As for its charging specifications, Dash Flash-charge uses the OPPO’s VOOC flash-charge technology, but essentially, it still belongs to low-voltage and fast-charge, with 5V / 4A output power.The back area of the of Oneplus 5 has a small bump, which is an nfc antenna, which is regarded as a quality problem by many people online. Oneplus 5 adopts the LPDDR4X’s 8GB large storage, equipped with Gaotong Snapdragon 835 processor, which is 2.45GHz. and its GPU performance enhance 25% compared to the previous one.

The “double 8” is firing on all cylinders. Oneplus 5 has two storage space of 64GB / 128GB, the top UFS 2.1 storage technology, its transmission speed increased to its 110% compared to emmc5.1.

Oneplus 5 use the full-color dual HD camera portfolio combination of 20 million pixels +16 million pixel, equipped with f / 1.7 large aperture, with 40% dual-core focus technology faster than PDAF, and it is readily able to take good pictures.

Oneplus 5 is equipped with a new generation of Optic Amoled HD screen, with its color temperature sensor and a new reading mode, the screen display is able to makes the eyes more comfortable.

It is worth mentioning that Oneplus 5 supports 6 mode and 34-frequency top-level network configuration.  In most countries, you can use the local 4G and 4G + signals; that is to say, if you have the Oneplus 5, you can go around the world. The Oneplus 5 still support the Dash flash-charge technology, and support the Alipay, WeChat fingerprint quick payment, as well.

Using feelings

Oneplus 5 Review: Good Choice For Android User

First of all, let’s get started with the using feeling, Oneplus 5 appearance is the same as that of iphone7 plus, they both use the metal shell, are both in frosted-black. But as for the touching feeling, the iphone7 plus is better.

A plus 5 is rougher. At the same time, Oneplus use a smaller body to carry the same large 5.5-inch screen as apple does, great!

In addition, Oneplus 5 fingerprint unlock is very good, it really can unlock in 0.2 seconds, but after entering three fingerprints in my iphone7 plus, the unlock speed down to about one second.

Its original input method is Baidu input method; the disadvantage is that its thesaurus is relatively small. It would be better if it is installed with a third party. The screen of Oneplus 5 still follows Oneplus Samsung S6E3FA5 OF plus 3 / 3T, but I think it is too unrealistic; the red design is just too bright in color.

Its ability to hold a charge is not bad, especially when all of us are going to use the 3.5 mm headphone interfaces, Oneplus 5 still choose to remain this interface, and it did not increase the thickness of the phone. The only pity thing is that it is not sent with a headset, and if you want to flash charge, you have to use the original line

Oneplus 5 Review: Good Choice For Android User

Author: Yeming

Source: SMZDM

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