Oneplus 7 OR 8 – The Name of Next Oneplus Flagship


OnePlus has definitely proven to be a strong contender in the smartphone market, with phones being no less than one of the best. The simplicity in the UI, the phenomenal ‘Dash Charge’, and best of all, the affordability are some of the key features that make this brand especially unique. Last year’s releases, OnePlus 5 and 5T, definitely stunned the android-lovers with their remarkable performance. Their successor, which is to be launched in this year, is still much awaited by the fans of OnePlus.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had previously confirmed that the launch of their next latest flagship would be taking place in somewhere around the second quarter of this year 2018, in an interview with Roger Cheng of CNet. He had then refrained from publicly naming it, but the usual assumption made by the fans was ‘OnePlus 6’, as the predecessor was named ‘OnePlus 5T’.

Oneplus 7 OR 8 - The Name of Next Oneplus Flagship

However, this morning, OnePlus CEO may have just surprised us all. He took to his Weibo to mention that the next flagship from them may be called ‘OnePlus 7’, or even ‘OnePlus 8’, which skips the next sequential number 6 from their line. This is a strategy that Apple had used last year, when they decided to skip naming their next phone ‘iPhone 9’ to name it ‘iPhone X’ instead.

Whether or not this is a marketing technique, remains known to the people at OnePlus, but it surely gives continuation to an unusual trend in the smartphone industry – which is to skip progressive numbers every now and then, it seems.

Regardless of what it’d be called, the fans of OnePlus and the android loving community still can’t wait to lay their hands on the next best smartphone to be added in OnePlus’s range.

Source: weibo

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