OPPO R11 Full Netcom Smartphone Review: Accidentally fell into the “green&blue factory”


When a man wants to buy a smart phone, his major concerns are the SOC, the Ram, the Rom, the screen, the battery, the camera and so on. These hardware specs are put in the first place. Although they are not necessarily flagship, they at least should be the last generation flagship products. Only so will a man further consider other things, such as the appearance, the workmanship and so on. Of course, I am also a grown man, but this time the OPPO R11 really changes some of my ideas.

OPPO and VIVO phones are always considered to be the low-end cellphones. They occupy a large part of market in the second-tier and third-tire cities. And they are really not cheap. For example, OPPO R11 really sells at the same as the price of OnePlus and seemingly equivalent to the price of Huawei Mate9. Where does OPPO get the courage to set such a high price? But my wife likes its appearance, so we bought one. Anyway, it’s not for my use.

Let me introduce something about this smart phone: it has Snapdragon processor, 4G Ram and 64G Rom. It is advertised that its camera is excellent. (I almost don’t take photos. If needed, I use a SLR camera.)It uses 3000 mAh battery and 1080p amoled screen. I can’t understand. Really! In women’s mind, appearance is foremost. So, just put up with it. “Money cannot buy my will.” This sentence simply fits for my wife perfectly. After all, iPhone still haven’t had the dual card function so far. It is really quite heavy to carry two phones in the bag. So, buy it.

However, to be honest, I actually changed some ideas about OPPO R11 phone when I got it in hand.

Post the unpacking picture fist.

OPPO R11 Full Netcom Smartphone Review: Accidentally fell into the “green&blue factory”

There’s nothing to be said about the box. I suddenly understood the origin of the name “green-blue factory”. The base color the OPPO logo is green and VIVO is blue, so such a name came out.At the back of the box is some introduction to the phone. Every brand does the same thing and there’s nothing special to discuss.

Opening the lid, the mobile phone is on the first layer. It is stuck in the first layer, so it won’t shake. It is rather stable. Besides, there’s a plastic sheet sticking to the surface of the mobile phone.

OPPO R11 Full Netcom Smartphone Review: Accidentally fell into the “green&blue factory”

Taking out the first layer, in the next layer are earphones as a gift, a very hard data line and a VOOC charger head.

The internal part of the USB interface is colored green carefully and deliberately. It seems that they really try to promote the given nickname.

OPPO R11 Full Netcom Smartphone Review: Accidentally fell into the “green&blue factory”

The charger head is too ordinary. It has nothing special. The workmanship is also common. It supports the vooc quick charge. The data line is also VOOC standarded (I suppose). Anyway, it’s too hard. The USB interface is also colored green. Is it really necessary?

The free mobile phone shell is relatively good. The holes are exact. The shell is 1mm higher than the screen, so it is able to completely protect the mobile phone, which is fairly considerate.

Removing the mobile phone film, there’s another film. Quite good. The screen film from the original factory at least should be a little better than those sell outsides. The front of the mobile phone is very simple. You can only see a receiver and a front-facing camera. The distance sensor is probably set in the receiver. The LED was later found on the left of the camera.

OPPO R11 Full Netcom Smartphone Review: Accidentally fell into the “green&blue factory”

The “waist- round” key can be touched but cannot be pressed. It also has the fingerprint identification. The response speed and the accuracy are very satisfying. I would be more satisfied if the key was set in the front.

It is a typical example of the back being more beautiful than the front.

OPPO R11 Full Netcom Smartphone Review: Accidentally fell into the “green&blue factory”

Honestly speaking, its back is really very beautiful. It is complete and round. The radian is appropriate. The antenna is concealed very nicely. Without the fingerprint identification at the back, it feels totally natural. It can be praised with plenty of extravagant praise.

The antenna is concealed nicely, which is really satisfying.The slight curve at the back fits the hand perfectly.

OPPO R11 Full Netcom Smartphone Review: Accidentally fell into the “green&blue factory”

Turning it on, the OPPO logo feels relatively rough. I don’t know why. It just cannot reflect the exquisite grade.

After the screen is lit up, the magazine lock screen wallpaper appears. ( This is a name in Huawei mobile phone. I don’t know how OPPO call this.)The color is nice.  For years, I’ve always been rejecting amoled. Whether the S3 or NOTE2 years ago, or the later NOTE3, MOTO XT1085, I just don’t like it for this or that reason. It feels rough and its color is too bright. Anyway, I just don’t like it very much.

However, this mobile phone actually makes me feel that it has been improved a lot. I’ll wait for an opportunity to buy a third-hand S6 to have a try. The black edge on the screen is also handled well.

Actually, I myself don’t mind the black edge. After all, the mobile phone I am using is black and I can’t see the black edge at all.The death 45-degree angle is also not bad. There’s no big problem with it. Next, let’s see the UI of the green factory.

There’s still 2.1 G RAM, which is enough to use. Ordinarily one needs at most 3-5 softwares. It is a waste to have more RAM.

Get to the desktop, amazingly finding there’s no weather and clock plugin. Is this a unique design or they just forgot? Anyway, I am not used to this.

The several softwares of its own mostly need to be downloaded, so keep them.

As for the setting, every mobile phone has little difference. There’s nothing to be said about it. The differences simply exist in the account and the somatosensory etc., which are not so important parts.

Let’s see whether there are new versions to update. Quite good. they are all the latest versions.

The mobile phone is not fake. Various data match.

The signal intensity is not too bad. I’m actually in a bad reception area. I’m just out of the five ring.

The input method that Sougou specially designed for OPPO is really not as good as the universal version. It seems that Sougou and OPPO are not in a good corporative relationship.

There’s still 52G ROM of its own left. It’s enough. It seems that there are not many apps to download. But since it is for my wife’s use, a memory card is necessary.

We can register five fingerprints in it. The rear fingerprint identification is probably just enough, but the front one is more than enough.

The drug-down menu turns into the popup-menu. Maybe one can get used to it after using for some time. The popup-menu is indeed more convenient.

The inevitable benchmarking part surprises me. The score is quite good (I mean it is good for Snapdragon 660, not for its price), which nearly catches up with the score of 820. And the temperature control absolutely crushes 820. Snapdragon is going to kick ass against all the other CPU? The next two tests are respectively the fridge test and the normal temperature test. The scores are almost the same, which also reflects that it won’t underclock under too high temperature.

The charging test. It takes 80 minutes to get it fully charged. It is certain that it was not charged when there was only 1% electricity left. According to the previous charging speed, it probably needs at most three minutes to be fully charged even though there is only 1% electricity left. Charge for five minutes, and call for two hours. Although this sentence is used to entertain now, I must admit that it must be quite pleasant to get 30 % electricity from the shut-down state during the morning wash.

Let’s test its memory. Sure enough, it is the EMMC.

The WIFI test is simple and casual.

When it is close to the router, the wife signal strength is absolutely 100%. It is still fine when the distance is five meters. (the router used is AC68U)

This is the result when it is about 15 meters straight away. It’s so so.

This is about 25 meters away. The sever signal attenuation occurs.

There is no difference when it is 35 meters away. It probably has come to the bottom line.

The speed test within the shortest distance.

The speed test 15 meters away. It unexpectedly doesn’t slow down.

The speed test 25 meters. It slows down quite a little.  And the network delay also occurs. It is so strange that the upload speed is not influenced.

The speed test 35 meters away. The download speed slows down greatly. The other speed is almost not influenced. I don’t know why and I wonder why.

This is a very confused mobile phone review article. It simply cannot be considered a review. It is simply a day-to-day account.

However, OPPO R11 actually gives me a new understanding of the fact that this phone sells at 480USD . It is really not true to say that the half price is paid for the mobile phone, and the other is for the advertisement. At most, the mobile phone is worth 350 USD, and the rest is paid for the advertisement.

Let me summarize its advantages and disadvantages. It can be too subjective. After all, it’s the phone that my wife is using and I won’t buy such a phone anyhow. How can I pretend to be more objective?


  1. My wife likes it, which can cover all the disadvantages.

  2. The workmanship of the mobile phone is really not bad. At least it’s good for people who value the appearance.

  3. The Snapdragon 660 really offences the superior of other stronger brands. I hope MTK can also make some improvement. After all, if there’s only one brand dominating the market, any brand will fall low.

  4. The charging speed is quite satisfying. After all, it cannot ignore its message which has been said for several years.

  5. The quality of the amoled screen is pretty good. Probably because I haven’t used the Samsung phones for many years and my cognition to the amoled screen still remains on S3.


  1. In my eyes, paying 480 USD for this mobile phone is actually donating 130 USD for its advertisement.

  2. The rubbish earphones are worse than no earphones at all. OPPO must quote 15USD for such earphones.

  3. Its UI is simply the worst among all the UI I have ever used expect NUBIA.

  4. I took some photos casually. The front camera is not bad, but the rear camera is really just so so. It feels that it’s even not as good as the cameras of Huawei Honor phones. Where did it get the confidence to feature on the camera function?


Source: smzdm.com

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