Optoma ML1500 Ultra Slim Versatile LED Projector Review


Optoma ML1500 Ultra thin versatile LED Projector: an Overview

Presenting the best and new technology ML1500 ultra-thin, versatile LED Projector. This is the best and lightweight projector with the excellent HD picture quality. It has the weight of 1.4kg which is very less and easy to carry. It gives the consumer satisfaction from its weight. It can be carry while traveling anywhere. It comes with great highlights which offer the media player, and offices also use in the classroom. With the SRS wow sound which is the best.


  • Comes with compatible media player
  • SRS WOW sound which is the best and with the 6W
  • Wireless
  • Less weight of 1.4kg Optoma ML1500 Ultra Slim Versatile LED Projector Review

The best part of this laptop it incorporates with the SD Card and the USB which gives the ability of brilliant adaptability. It can help you to gives an output of your presentation, it supports the Adobe pdf files. You can even watch the pictures and recordings.

ML1500 is coming with the shading quality innovation which is light free. It gives the better quality which can be utilized anywhere. This ultra-thin projector is the best for the business purpose, and it boosts up your excitement while you have it. The media player gives the best output while playing the videos watching pictures and uses of Microsoft office. It also helps to play in PDF format. You need to connect your SD card and USB to view the specific amount of your data from different collections.

Optoma ML1500 Ultra Slim Versatile LED Projector Review

Wireless for the best Presentation

You can utilize this projector with the smartphones and tablets; it has the wifi doc which easily gives the connection of android and IOS products. It gives you the smooth and best performance to control remotely and share your best data, pictures and other documents. It gives the awesome performance for everyone. The introduction from the remotely to PC or smartphones. It has the small wifi dongle with the prudent. You can connect your USB drives with ML1500. It brings the best and consecutively performance with the pack of features.

The big display screen of introduction form ML1500 gives the best output to watch. The sound wow srs which grab the consumers ear and gives them the best sound in their ear. The HD sound surrounds in the whole hall or room. You can easily setup ML1500, and the requirements of connections are very less. It is easy to connect.

T Optoma ML1500 Ultra Slim Versatile LED Projector Review

There are the Features of SRS Wow

It comes to the best bast which gives the boosts to consumer whoever listen the sound of SRS. It surrounds in the whole room. It gives the dynamic performance of the sound.

Best Speakers

  • Perfect Sound with Bass Boosts


  • The less weight of the ML1500 is just 1.4kg which you can carry easily anywhere
  • The case of ML1500 comes with it to carry it in a hurry easily.

Auto Keystone

The true and the best keystone adjustment gives the best and simple use of different features. It gives the guarantee to fit in your every expectation.


  • There is the best DLP innovation which can be utilized to give the best speed.
  • It also comes with 3D splendors for the videos and others.
  • The picture rate of goes up to 120Hz
  • It gives the best output with full screen and the shading


You can easily just connector to add your SD card to this projector. It is easy to connect and gives the astonishing picture quality without any trouble. You can also play your slideshows of pictures easily with the music. It gives you the perfect exchange of your pictures and other best documents. The other side you can also use the best and the excellent quality pictures within in just on ML1500 projector.

Optoma ML1500 Ultra Slim Versatile LED Projector Review

Perfect Recordings

There is the best option for any users to connect their card and record your best moments. It is easily accessible in any manner to connect. If you are watching the HD videos and other perfect videos which gives the best information or the entertainment purpose. Connect and ready to record anything. It records the clear and true picture quality.

New Innovation Technology

The LED is controlled by easily gives you the different shades. It has the brilliant and best-led coloring of blue and different color red and gree. It provides the best performance with the just lights. The projector equally works in both condition whether its light is green it gives the green features which you are using. And the best part is the brightness of the led is good which can be easily seen from so far.

The ML1500 is coming with the best motor and the coloring in the design. It can be easily availed in your less cost eh innovation and best technology used to gives the perfect performance.

Where you turn off and on

There is the moment of the control where you can turn it on and the off. This innovation allows you to do it in just seconds. It will turn on or off with and second. It is the best for the ideal and the demos of your computer software and the other giving the best pictures.


  • It gives the perfect widescreen resolution
  • There is the best brightness in this ML1500
  • The LED’s for the different purpose
  • Less weight of just 1.4kg
  • It has the ports of different HDMI, USB and the 3.5m,m audio.
  • it also supports the SD card feature
  • the best screen size
  • the less power supply of 240v
  • It has the new technology bolt
  • 3D splendors
  • 6W of the stereo speakers
  • Remote Controller
  • Different languages support

Ml1500 Remote Control

  1. Button of On and Off (Power)
  2. Left side button
  3. Right side button
  4. Upside button
  5. downside button
  6. Ok button
  7. HDMI support button
  8. VGA support button
  9. Volume for up
  10. Volume for down
  11. for the videos
  12. media


Excellent picture quality with 3D support

Seamless wireless experience

Perfect connectivity options


120 Hz display is subjected to compatibility. When it works, the experience is seamless.

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Conclusion: Optoma ML1500 Ultra thin versatile LED Projector

The ML1500 LED projector is the another best projector. It has the best features. It supports the widescreen and excellent display output.

Optoma ML1500 Ultra Slim Versatile LED Projector Review
8.9Overall Score
Ease of use7.4
Cost Effectiveness8.4
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