PHLIPS SHB4385 Review: Comfortable for Daily Use


The reason of purchasing

I have always wanted to buy a spilt wireless Bluetooth headset since AirPods came out. But AirPods is not only expensive but isn’t adapted to Android phones as well. So I don’t wait a congeneric product the price and brand of which are both acceptable until the crowd funding of PHLIPS SHB4358. It’s really amazing to cost only USD 60. However, because the release price of SHB4385 is high and the price of its crowd funding is such low, I have worried about the quality of SHB4385.

What on earth is the quality of SHB4385? The answer will be known after using it.

Show and the feeling of use

PHLIPS SHB4385 Review: Comfortable for Daily Use

There is not a word on the orange packing box, which makes me doubt I have bought the overseas version. After I found that other people’s box was the same, I didn’t doubt. The “BASS+” on the box is really conspicuous. Just as the word implies, it means bass boost. And I will talk about the bass minutely below.

This is the charging box. General wireless Bluetooth headsets are all designed with charging box because the battery life of this kind of headset is not so long at the current level of technology. Then integrate battery in the charging box so the charging box becomes power bank of the headset when you are out. The charging box is cylindroid and a little compared to AirPods, the case is transparent to see the inside indistinctly.

Including the headset, the charging box weighs 74.3g, which is not heavy and can be taken easily in the bag.

A part of the charger can be pulled out and then put the headset into the groove. Then push the part in to charge. While seeing it, I feel that the shape of the headset is really like the Peashooter in the Plants vs Zombies.

Three pairs of black silicone ear gels are supplied which are large-sized, medium-sized and small-sized to fit different ears size. It

The outside of the headset is wide and looks like wing. (And someone says it’s like helmet). Actually under the outside disc is the 8.2mm audible unit which is absolutely large in in-ear monitors. The larger unit is for better bass performance because the sound is the physical phenomenon forever. That’s where the BASS+ is.

Besides the “wing” outside, the ear gels inside and the ear wings in the medium, a part of arc silicone comes out and screw in the cochlea to play as the role of fixing.

Remove the ear gels and the orifice where the sound originates is not a circle but elliptical. I think the design is not in consideration of the acoustics (Because I can’t recognize its difference from the round one.) but for better wearing stability and comfort. The two little golden circle beside the ‘R’ and ‘L’ are the gold plated adapters when charging.

Each earphone has one button where there is a ‘+’. Press any of it is to switch with a crisp female voice says” power on/ power off”. The button on the right earphone is also used to answer the phone and play/ stop songs and so on. The left one is used to increase/ decrease the volume.

PHILIPS SHB4385 is almost made from abrasive hard plastic. And the hand feeling is a little worse than the similar products the price of which is up to thousands. But the accuracy of mould is great. There are not many seams or burrs. In appearance, it’s remarkable handsome and cool but lacks some morbidezza because of its large size and multangular shape.

And the long battery life which is up to 6 hours is also a feature of SHB4385. I think it’s also because its large size especially compared to AirPods so that it’s internally installed a larger battery. Besides, the charging box can also give a full charge to the headset. So it’s another 6 hours. 12 hours in total can meet most users’ needs.

However, the headset is not water resistant so it’s not suitable to use while playing sports due to the risk of soaking the headset. It’s more suitable for daily use. That long time to wear it will not give person tiredness or aching feeling. And it’s also enough clear to hear while phoning.

In terms of the sound quality, the feature is naturally in the bass side. When I wore it for the first time after taking it, I turned it on very softly but I can obviously feel the strong bass. The lower limit of the bass is also enough and it even supplies 9-21K wide audio. The bass part is also apparently enhanced after tuning up. But the headset doesn’t support APT-X Bluetooth format. Generally, it’s the basic approach to hear high quality music by using phones with Bluetooth headset. (APT-X should be supported by the phone too) Overall, it performs generally in alt and badly in treble.


PHILIPS SHB4385 which serves as split wireless Bluetooth headset just costs within100 USD. The price of it is indeed one of the lowest in international brands’ similar products. The battery life is long and it’s comfortable to wear. The bass is outstanding and the alto voice is general (It’s just the quality at this price). Its high side is a little bad. The workmanship is just the average.

It doesn’t support the hi-fidelity sound APT-X format and don’t have the property of resisting water which is important for the sports headphones. But it has a great cost performance. So I think this is a wireless Bluetooth headset for daily use and is not bad in each aspect.

Author: oyve


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