Press These Points On Your Body To Never Feel Tired Or Sick Again


Chronic fatigue syndrome represents is a common medical disorder both in men and women, which is manifested with severe fatigue. What is the worst thing about the chronic fatigue syndrome is that it does not improve with rest.

It can be caused by various mental, physical and psychological reasons, which make it a hard disease to be diagnosed.

Even though it is thought that there are not causes of the chronic fatigue syndrome, it is considered that it may get worse by a few factors, such as: viral infections, hormonal imbalances and issues with the immune system.


Some of the most common symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include:

– Trouble to focus and memory loss
– Severe fatigue
– Sore throat
– Poor sleep quality
– Large lymph nodes in the armpits or the neck
– Unexpected muscle pain
– Joint pain, without redness and inflammation
– Frequent headaches
– Depression, which leads to social isolation
– Exhaustion
– Mental stress

Press These Points On Your Body To Never Feel Tired Or Sick Again


Meridian-line points come from the ancient Chinese medicine. The meridian lines, which are also known as energy pathways or energy highways, host the flow of Qi (chi) energy. Meridian lines can be span and mapped over the body, running through the body, thus corresponding to particular acupuncture points in the body. Chi possesses some characteristics, like vibrations, meridian oscillations, and effects carriers of acupuncture point.

There are 12 meridian lines throughout the human body with Qi energy flow. Each 12 meridian lines correspond to 6 Yang organs, 5 Yin organs and 1 San Jiao and Pericardium. Qi flows through the all 12 meridians lines. Firstly, it flows from the chest along the 3 arm Yin channels (Heart, Pericardium and lung) to the hands. Secondly, the connect with 3-paired arms Yin channels (small intestine, San Jiao, and large intestine) to the head. There they also connect with 3 leg Yang channels (Bladder, gall bladder and stomach) to the feet. There they also connect with their leg Yin channels (kidney, liver and spleen) to the chest, where the Qi cycle is completed.

The Academy of Oriental Sciences has shown that the meridian lines describe the distribution and flow of energy in the body and help us realize how the main substances of the body, like body fluids, blood and Qi) are carried though the body.

If we take into consideration the fact that the meridian lines are found on the energy flow of energetic manifestation, it would not be strange to say that many people have used this Chinese reliving method in order to treat and sooth chronic fatigue.


The ancient Chinese Medicine of the meridian-line points stated that the energy line (Triple Warmer or Triple Burner Meridian) , which is found behind the ear, is closely related to chronic fatigue and depression. He Triple Warmer is not connected to any physical organ, even though the energy line is associated with all body organs, thus regulating the relationship between the systems of hormonal distribution and the hormone glands.

The term Triple Warmer comes from the connection between heating system of the mind, the body and the spirit. Therefore, it regulates heat and water channels in the entire human body. if the Triple warmer gets too energized, it seeps energy from the immune system and attacks the human body, which leads to chronic fatigue syndrome.

You can look for a medical help, even though there are a few alternatives that can provide comfort at your home. If you feel drained, exhausted or tired, use one or both techniques to press the triple warmer meridian-line.

1st alternative:

– Put your left fingers under the left knee. In the same time, put the right fingers above your left elbow. Then, you will begin to feel the pulse at those areas.

– If you hold these areas for a long time, you will begin to feel synchronization of the pulses. It means that you have held the areas for a long time. You can feel the pulse only after a few minutes.

– After that, do the same technique with the right side of the body. Hold the right fingers on the right knees, and put the right hand avoid your right elbow. Hold until you notice synchronization of the pulses, or about 2 minutes.

2nd alternative:

– Put the left fingers on the outer side of the left baby toe. In the same time, put the right fingers between the knuckles base on the left hand, between the ring finger and the little finger. You may start to feel pulse in both areas. Hold until you notice synchronization of the pulses, or about 2 minutes.

– After that, do the same technique with the other side of the body. Hold the right hand at the right baby toe, and hold the left hand at the knuckles base of the right hand.

These meridian-line points will help you treat chronic fatigue syndrome. However, it is very essential that you assess your lifestyle and life habits in order to find out the main cause of fatigue. Comfort plays a vital role in falling asleep, so make sure sleep in a comfortable, cool room and wear comfortable pajamas. Avoid stressing your mind and body anymore.