Professional Sports Review: share with you my 2 new thermos insulation sport cups


I have no idea when Punk Health became popular. Insulation cups give us derogatory sense. But I am very simple; I just want to drink more water. Upon my personal expereicne, I am going to share my 2 new thermos insulation cups, which I brought during the Spring Festival.

Professional Sports Review: share with you my 2 new thermos insulation sport cups

THERMOS insulation cup FFZ-801F BK-Pblack pink 800ml

Original:High-capacity vacuum insulation sports Thermos cups, which direct mail from Japan, are about 275 Yuan for 2 (included taxes) for the memberships.

The first one is a sports cup. I not a crazy fan of sports, and the reason I chose this kind of stuff is its high-capacity and its high cost performance. The package is teeming with sense of sports. Although I know nothing about Japanese, I can figure out some main selling points of it: light, energy drink is available, emphasize its 5~15°C cold-keeping capacity.

Professional Sports Review: share with you my 2 new thermos insulation sport cups

Especially for keeping cold” can be seen everywhere on the package. At first, I though it couldn’t be filled with hot water. But later I learned that it was because when people drink, the amount of water of high-capacity insulation cup is difficult to control. With hot water in it, people will be easier to be scalded. In order to avoid the responsibility, the enterprise pasted “especially for keeping cold” on them, implying scald on your own risk. But the construction and the material of this kind of bottles are nothing special; they can also be filled with hot water.

As for the insulation capacity, it said that it can keep below 10°C for 6 hours. But think of this thermos product, it might be guaranteed. Just cut the crap and have box-opening! Even a simple stuff like this insulation cup, it packed with an instruction. It indeed came from a first-class company. Because it is sports cup, it also came with a protective sheath. Black gold appearance, it is luxury but with a low key. It also supports quick charge technique. The protective sheath was made by good workmanship, and the needlework was tidy. With a good consideration of outdoors activities, it also had a removable strap.

But there is no need for doing sports; I think it will be better if I take off the protective sheath. Although with 800ML capacity, the size of this cup is acceptable. It just a little bit thicker than that of a normal 500ML cup, but they almost have the same height. The bottle is also painted by black and gold. The button was marked with the production date and place of origin. Mine is produced in Malaysia. According to the official statement, there is no plant in Japan, so Malaysia and China are both place for producing. “Made in Japan” may be marked by the fake goods.

There is “Especially for keeping cold” on the bottle. The insurance buckle of the sports cup is big; it is hard to open with only one hand. But the cup of Tiger can be easily opened and closed by one hand.

The mouths of the cup are one of the most important parts of insulation cups. In terms of this part, I don’t think Thermos can beat Tiger, because it has to use 2 hands to open. But it also avoids the children to open it and get hurt.

The mouth of the cup makes drinking cold beverage more suitable. The lid is removable, with good workmanship inside. The inner side of the bottle is matte. Some people argue that it is not as easy as a mirror side to clean. But I am not really care about it. As for the reason, I will tell you later.

THERMOS JNL-500 stainless steel insulation cups 500ml .

Enjoying equal popularity with ZOJIRUSHI and TIGER, THERMOS JNL-500 stainless steel insulation cups use medical stainless steel  material. As the heat preservation effect, they can keep 68℃ for 6 hours or below 10℃ for 6 hours. With a switch to open or close, it is easy for the customers to clear the cups. The workmanship is also exquisite. Another switch is for leakproof. It is 500ml.

Professional Sports Review: share with you my 2 new thermos insulation sport cups

The other one is more interesting. It is a limited edition “light blue vacation” I brought from Taiwan. There is no more the same kind of cup in the mainstream electronic commerce. So I will show you a similar one. Because of limited edition, the package and the bottle have the same theme—— Enjoy Every Moment,fresh and good-looking. Different from the bigger one, these smaller one are generally written “hot and cold are both available”.

As it is a limited edition in Taiwan, the typeface on the package is traditional Chinese. Insulation capacity: above 68℃/6hr; below 10℃/6hr. It’s enough for one day to use.Box-opening~ It is a simple one with only a simple instruction instead of a protective sheath. JNL-500 can be regarded as a classic one of Thermos. Later the JNL-501 and JNL-502 are the same in general except for the color filled with water. As a limited edition, the key of it is the characteristic printing. Light blue pearls and bright pattern, it’s a style of young and energetic. It’s totally different from the middle-aged life. “We are not the same.”

The switch is similar to the first one. But the bottle of this 500ml cup is thinner; you can open or close it by one hand. Because of “hot and cold are both available”, the sealed mouth is better. And the mouth of cup is especially designed for hot drink. The same as the first one, the inner side of this cup is matte with joint. But the joint is much smaller.

Professional Sports Review: share with you my 2 new thermos insulation sport cups

In a word, their qualities are both satisfied me. But as a foreign brand, their domestic prices are higher. So buying them aboard would be much better.

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