ProMexico Delegation Visits JUMORE


In recent years, China-Mexico relation features comprehensive cooperation, and bilateral trade relationship is getting more and more closer. Claudio Ludlow, Director of ProMexico Asia-Pacific and Middle East Office visited JUMORE on Sept. 5th, and reached a series of consensus with JUMORE delegates on signing a MOU, online launching of Mexican companies on JUMORE platform, and deepening of China-Mexico cooperation.

ProMexico Delegation Visits JUMORE (ProMexico delegates visits JUMORE)

For a long time, JUMORE has maintained continuous interaction with Mexico while consistently deepening their cooperation projects. During the APEC Peru Summit 2016, JUMORE Chairman Lu Hongxiang was invited to visit Mexico, and discussed cooperation and connection with Mexican business and political leaders, and Mr. Lu had an in-depth discussion with President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto during the APEC CEO Forum. This May, Mexican delegation, including COMCE President of Asia-Pacific Region and representatives of Sinaloa and Michoacán state governments visited JUMORE. The delegation spoke highly of the JUMORE model, and reached a series of consensus on cooperation with JUMORE. Upon returning, COMCE even held a special promotion event for JUMORE to encourage agricultural and mining companies in Mexico to join in on JUMORE platform and carry out comprehensive cooperation, thus help the Mexican companies to grasp larger markets and opportunities.

During the visit, Director Ludlow indicated that Mexico is always willing to enhance its cooperation with China. China has the second largest number of ProMexico offices in the world, just behind the U.S. He is happy to see that JUMORE and Mexico have made multiple achievements in their cooperation. Also, Mr. Ludlow spoke highly of the JUMORE model. He frankly put it, that the e-commerce market among Latin American countries are yet to develop, which harbors plenty of opportunities for JUMORE and Latin American countries. He also believes that via B2B e-commerce platform like JUMORE, Mexico will enjoy bigger and better opportunities for development.

Mexico is a major economy in Latin America and a major exporter of minerals in the world. It has abundant energy, metal, and non-metal mineral reserves. JUMORE, a cross-border e-commerce platform focusing on varied product categories and the whole industry chain, shares great space for cooperation with Mexico in bulk commodity. In the field of manufacturing, similar to China, Mexico also has a strong manufacturing industry. By integrating resources from both sides, JUMORE platform will help companies from two countries to complement each other with their advantages in the manufacturing industry, so as to deepen the cooperation. As regards agriculture, Mexico has a strong agricultural and husbandry industry, and it puts high expectations on the diversified cooperation with China in agricultural and food industry and the expansion of Mexican agricultural product exportation to China. On the other hand, the cooperation between JUMORE and Mexico will also actively encourage Chinese products to “Go Out” and enter the Mexican market. It will also help high-quality Mexican products to quickly enter the Chinese market, so as to take full advantage of the complementarity between two countries and realize innovative growth of trade. In addition, JUMORE platform pools from the world the first class services in areas of finance, logistics, big data, and certification which will present a package of solutions to the development and foreign trade of Mexican companies.

After the meeting, Director Ludlow mentioned that he would welcome JUMORE to visit ProMexico Asia-Pacific Headquarters to further implement the cooperation between two parties.

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