PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices


I don’t know if there is anyone in the universe who do hate the internet and its facilities! If someone is there, I always have a desire to meet him or her and ask, Why not? Well, I think the internet is like a boon for the humans. It is helping us every single day to save our time, money, effort and many more to discuss.

I am praising the internet only because recently it helped my cousin to get an excellently used projector for him. This post is based on a review of the same projector that is PRS200 LED Multifunctional projector.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

So if you are in search of a beautiful home theater LED projector either to buy new or old then-then I hope this work will be of much help for you!

Taking about my cousin,

He is working as an intern in a multinational IT company. Many times he needs to give presentations about his project proposals, execution plans, reports and many more. He believes in hard practice before performing anything.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

How did we decide to Buy a Multi-Functional PRS200 LED Projector?

He cannot get enough time to rehearse on his office projector before the presentation. So he found another way to better practice at home one day before or right on the morning of the day of the performance. In this way, he finally decided to buy the projector!

He knows about my work! I explore different projectors available in the market and share their details with others. So he headed to me and asked to suggest him a good projector to get his job done nicely.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

I know he is an intern,

So it is better for him to go for an excellent portable projector. But after knowing his actual budget, I thought it is best that he can search for a good conditioned used project that can be available in his budget. I think it is best for him other than buying a cheap projector that might not be suitable further for my cousin’s work for which he is looking to buy a projector.

He also agreed with me; I promised him to help him in getting a good quality used the projector. It sounds cool, but it is challenging to search for a well-managed used projector in person. At last, as I already thanked it before, Internet had played a significant role in helping us in finding a right projector that we are looking for in only one week. I am impressed and will suggest others as well to try using the benefits of the Internet!

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

At the same time,

I also want to add one more thing to it. You take proper care before finalizing a deal even when searching for a right seller on popular internet classified platforms or so. Always do check for the original invoice of the product if available. It is best to verify about the authority of the product by contacting to the brand’s customer care.

Verify the serial number of the product with them. Also do check from all angles, especially all the ports on the projector like whether they are working correctly or not! Also, make sure the projector is successfully connecting with gadgets available with you or with a desktop or laptop.

Well, most of you already have much experience in buying and selling a product online so let us get not further deep into the topic. Moving back to discuss the PRS200 projector. I will give a personalized combined review of what my cousin and I personally feel and experience about the projector to save your time.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

An Overview of PRS200 LED Projector

However, I think it is not justice with the people those are new to it. Especially, people who do not know anything about PRS200 like its specifications and features. So for those people let me list out the main things that everyone must know before directly getting on to the review about the same. It is a right method to know about any product accurately without any misunderstandings or so by only reading its user’s reviews.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices


An Overview of the Potential Features of the PRS200 LED Projector:

  1. The projector is emitting lights using LED that can work for around 20000 hours. You can project an excellent quality display on a big screen or wall with a contrast ratio of about 600:1.
  2. It can support both standard 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.
  3. PRS200 comes with almost all types of connectivity options. Such as you can connect a DVD player, gaming console, two USB ports, Speakers, etc.
  4. The projector supports essential features such as picture zoom and lantern slide.
  5. You can manually control the focus of the projector’s display.
  6. Full HD compatibility and possess lovely images effect with a native resolution of 800 x 480
  7. You can get Keystone correction function.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices


Now. Let me do also share with you the specifications of PRS200. It can help you to decide if you are looking to buy the new projector;

The complete package is including a Projector, one power adapter, one user manual, one VGA cable, and one remote controller.

  • The package size before un-boxing is 13.78 x 11.81 x 5.91 inches or 35.00 x 15.00 x 30.00 cm in terms of (Length x Height x Width). It weighs approximately 4 kg.
  • If we talk about only the projector without any accessory connected to it then it, can weight around 3 kg. While the dimensions of the projector are about 12.6 x 9.84 x 4.33 inches or 32.00 x 25.00 x 11.00 cm (Length x Width x Height respectively)

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

  • The Led Lamp consumes the power of about 180W. You can run it at a voltage level of 90-240V or frequency of about 50-60Hz, which is standard in our homes and offices.
  • The body of the projector is made up of Plastic and Glass.
  • The projector can produce a maximum brightness of about 1500 Lumens.
  • PRS200 has a throw ration of around 1.16:1.
  • The projector is available to purchase in two colors, i.e., Black and White.

Above were the ‘must to know’ features and specification that I feel important to share with you all. However, to know more about PRS200 LED projector, you can also take the help of product’s official site or other internet platforms.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

Why do we Choose PRS200 LED Projector?

You might think why we had chosen PRS200 only to buy other than having a big list of available used projectors ready for sale. So for that, I can say before searching for a projector the first thing that we both agreed upon is to buy a product only that meets our three criteria’s!

Our first and foremost priority was that the projector should be compact that should not be heavy to use. Our second priority was the projector should display good quality outputs. It does not mean that we are looking for a projector that can support projecting 4K videos and images but at least should be Full HD.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

And last but not the least our third priority is. If we are satisfied with others reviews, then we can finalize a projector! For this, we will thoroughly search for a particular projector like its reviews and feedbacks of the people. From those who used it as the way, I am sharing my views about PRS200 projector with this post for others!

You can buy the PRS200 home theater LED projector at a price of around $200 to 300. Cost depends on the country and the platform that you have chosen to buy the product. For example local retail shops, national or international e-commerce portals, classifieds, etc.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

Our Review:

Now it’s time for me to share with you our experience and viewpoints about the PRS200 home theater projector;

First, it is best to start with what we do like or not like in the projector. So it will work as our summarized review for many people who want clear and up to the point evaluations regarding any product or service;

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

Good Points:

Facts about PRS200 that we as a user are appreciating;

  • The projector is small or what we usually say portable. So the first thing my cousin do like about this projector is that if required he can easily carry it while traveling from home to office and vice versa.
  • Not just the size but it is also less in weight. It makes it easy for my cousin to install and uninstall it with a projector screen and other components on a daily basis without much hassle. Easy to use both for residential and professional purposes.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

  • Anyone can operate and control the projector using simple instructions.
  • We liked many features of the projector that makes it complete User-friendly.
  • It has a fantastic display considering its size with a good experience of the digital image.
  • It is based on LED light. So it is super-efficient and bright as compared to the other counterparts.
  • We can connect the PRS200 projector with nearly all types of peripheral devices available in homes.
  • Its overall performance is excellent while considering a business office or a residential room.
  • You can operate the projector without any trouble using a remote controller.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

Down Sides:

Facts about the projector that we think can be better;

  • We found that the build quality of the project is not that stronger, but we can understand it has to be done to lessen down the overall weight of the unit.
  • While using, we heard some noise from its internal fan. But it is a general problem in nearly all the projectors, and also you cannot identify the noise in a bigger room or a hall.
  • It generates low sound output but again considering its compact size makers might not work on the speakers of the projects. But it can be solved by attaching external speakers to the projector. E.g., recently we connected home theater speakers on it and enjoyed watching a movie with full sound effect.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

Today, it is around four months since my cousin is using a PRS200 multi-functional LED projector for his regular presentation work. I can say neither he nor I am the regret of buying it even in second hand. After all, we have a tight budget otherwise we will go with the brand new model of the same.

So if you already have a mindset to buy a projector. You can go for it! You can either use it for a personal home theater experience, for official use, or for streaming online videos and many more!

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

Is it Worth to Buy Portable PRS200 LED Projector?

Yes, I recommend it! PRS200 LED Projector might not be the perfect projector than others. But whatever low points that we both had experienced in it were already specified above other than that its working fine for my cousin!

I think projectors are great inventions that we ever had in the history. It makes it possible for us to experience a big screen entertainment at home other than planning to go to a theater on certain days! Off course it is not possible every day.

The best part of it is we can watch anything whatever we like on a big display while relaxing on our couches not just only to watch high fantasy movies! I am sure soon a period will come in future when all the people have at least one projector in their homes.

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices

It is possible today;

You can buy a projector at an economical price as well. Also if you cannot bear even the cheapest projector, then the best is to search for a right seller and get a well-conditioned second-hand projector. I can imagine the time when people are saying – “Why do we need to buy a TV if we have the option to get a portable projector at the same price”!

PRS200 LED Review: Worthy Projector for Both Homes and Offices
7.3Overall Score
Ease of Use9.2
Cost Effectiveness8.3
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