How-to: quick yogurt recipe with WMF machine


This yogurt machine is the prizes in an activity of a baking platform. Being happy, I decide to give a sharing on how to buy a yogurt machine.

I. My first impression on WMF yogurt machine 

How-to: quick yogurt recipe with WMF machine

Generally, Yogurt machines use two kinds of materials, one is all-plastic shell, compact and lightweight, and the price is relatively cheaper; the other combine the stainless steel base and plastic, which looks more texture, such as the WMF yogurt machine today. The appearance of the stainless steel still to follow WMF’s patent: the Cromatgan surgical stainless steel, which looks very texture.

In fact, you may know better than me about the WMF. What I contact WMF first is their all kinds of kitchen utensils.

WMF, a German Centennial High-End Tableware and Kitchenware Brand, since 1853 WMF has been devoted to turning cooking, eating and drinking into a happy life experience. WMF’s products cover all the home and social dining sectors, its product lines including cutlery, kitchenware, tableware, glassware and knives.

Different from the yogurt machine I used before, this yogurt machine uses three independent cans leakproof-cups, which can be used to make different flavors of yogurt or fruit separately, without the fear of wasting. Just a 150ml bottle, you will not waste, nor will it cause pollution.

This is the yogurt machine which I bought in Jingdong previous, really cheap. Before that, yogurt was made with a bread machine or oven. The yogurt machine is very easy to use; my deepest feeling of it is that the cup is not convenient to divide the fruit and juice. If the cup could have a small filter, it may be more convenient.

II. To experience how the yogurt produced by WMF yogurt taste?

How-to: quick yogurt recipe with WMF machine

1. First, disinfect yogurt bottle with boiling water, then wipe it with clean tissue, make it no water or oil.

How-to: quick yogurt recipe with WMF machine

2. Mix 1 gram yogurt fermenting bacteria and 450 grams of milk, and then pour into three cups, first to pour the yogurt into the yogurt bottle. Whether add the sugar all depends on you. 

How-to: quick yogurt recipe with WMF machine

3. Pour into cups separately, cover and shake it well;

How-to: quick yogurt recipe with WMF machine

4 pour it into the yogurt machine, and then covered it with yogurt machine cover. Remember to press the switch to set the time. The system’s default is 10 hours, you can also adjust yourself. Next, press the switch to start the program again. Attention! Until you see the small moving dot on the LC screen, it works indeed!

How-to: quick yogurt recipe with WMF machine

5. After the procedure, the homemade yogurt is done. Look at the viscosity of yogurt. If you like the sweet taste, you can add some sugar or honey, which is green and tasty.

It is recommended to put the yogurt in the refrigerator after eating, so it will taste better.

III. after the initial using test, whether the WMF yogurt machine is worth using?

1, in general, the overall shape is cute, and easy to store. The stainless steel appearance is with great taste;

2, sub-bottled design is good, to avoid secondary pollution when dispensing;

3, the display can show the fermentation time, and show the remaining time in a dynamic way. The automatic power off mode can free you from worrying about the over-fermentation.

The only shortage is the price is too high, 61 USD,

Perhaps because of the three letters (WMF), XD! 

Some people think that the mouth of the bottle a little too small, and it is not very easy to be cleaned up. Personally, I feel it’s OK. After all, the bottle is not too bad.

If there is no WMF, I feel that the cost performance of bear home yogurt is quite high.

If you also want to try to make yogurt with WMF yogurt machine, here is the purchase link.

To do yogurt by oneself is not only healthy but also convenient, the only thing you have to do is to wait. You can choose to eat straightly, or add sugar and honey, or accompany with the fruit. Do whatever you like.

Of course, you can also put it in a different “suit.” Isn’t it a little cute?

At last, I wish everyone a happy winter.

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