RedMi Note4X Fresh Unboxing & Review: The reason for purchasing and the impression of using


My last phone—QIKU of 360 has broken down. Although it still can be used, it has too much little problems like disconnecting with WIFI from time to time. When it was disconnected, I have to reset the phone to recover. What is strange is that this phone can’t send messages but it can receive messages, the problems like this are too much. Therefore, I decided to buy a new phone. As for my personal demand, REDMI note4X can completely meet my needs. So I order it online and arrived at evening, which is very efficient. The reason for purchasing REDMI is that the performance is good enough and it has the legendary 625 CPU of Qualcomm Technologies. It is energy conservative and good in performance at the same time. 4GB-RAM and 64GB-ROM can completely meet my needs. I read an article before which said Android’s ideal RAM is 4GB. Of course, bigger RAM has better performance but 4GB-RAM can completely meet demand, and the difference is slight to feel when you using it. 64GB-ROM is definitely satisfying even if you download hundreds of music and several movies which are more than sufficient for daily use. 5.5-inch screen is just meeting the visual sense, and which is suitable size. This size make endurance of phone has no more loads. The phone has a 4100-mAh battery match with QCOM’s 625-CPU and 5.5-inch screen. The endurance is good enough to use almost two days for medium user and one day for heavy user. But this phone cannot use fast charger. The charger is normal 5V2A-charger, which is not good enough for a 4100hAm-battery. When got used to using fast charger to fulfill a phone within one hour, I feel much slower to charge this phone and even feel strange.

In the aspect of performance,

QCOM’s 625-CPU is a legendary and 150 USD or so CPU after all. The performance is not powerful but satisfying. Some online large-medium games like King Glory and ONMYOJI have no problem to play. Most of specific reference data list I will talk about in this article, so I didn’t attach the reference data list. This 5.5-inch screen is indeed not good enough. Thousand-Yuan mobile phone has cool tone-screen is not comfortable to look. Angle of visibility is not good too, and it can be roughly seen outdoors. Anyway, it is according to my expectation for 150 USD mobile phone. Front-facing camera is 5 million (I haven’t use it until now, so there is no comment) and rear camera is 13 million and the 2.0-aperture is belong to the level of scanning a QR code. Just kidding, but it is indeed not good from this sample picture. There is a big difference comparing to my friend’s NOBLUE note6. (The price is difference as well)

This picture is took while out strolling, and looks not detailed on phone but better on computer. A thousand-Yuan mobile phone’s performance is like that.


Even the price of this phone is entry level but they reserved the infrared function. I haven’t to looking for remote control any more. This point surprised me a lot. The radio function been reserved in REDMI which has been removed by some manufactures. Like, MI is rather conscientious. These two functions improved a lot of user experiences, just as for me. Expect of the Near Field Communication, it is almost perfect.


Actually, the most part of reason for purchasing this phone is MIUI system. And this phone belongs to the first escalation sequence of MIUI9, so I almost haven’t hesitated to give up SMARTISON’s nuts pro. But as far as it goes, what is disappointed is that note4X’s Qualcomm version hasn’t upgrader to MIUI Stable version. Even if I wait for it for a long time to take an evaluation after it upgraded to MIUI9, but now it seems that I have to wait for a while. MIUI8 is useful enough as well. There is no lag and the optimization is good. The using frequency of HI Board is rise perpendicularly, which hasn’t appeared when using other systems. The built-in Apps are numerous. Basically, there is nothing to complain about this phone except for the ugly obverse side. The price is worth it.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages,

The endurance time of one day is definitely possible but two days is risky. The performance is roughly enough to use, because there is indescribable lag when I playing games and there is no problem with network. The pixel quality is really bad to look. The texture of front-screen is not good. The scale of the screen in the whole front-screen is like MX3 I used several years ago (just in feeling). It feels low-cost when taking in hand and looks like one-hundred-Yuan phone. Comparing with QIKU of 360, it indeed got a lot worse. As for appearance level, the low-level configuration is just like150 USD or so. This phone’s feature is cost performance, so the low-level of appearance can make sense. I have to complain about a point I didn’t expected. Pressing the plastic sheet has a noise. As for camera, like I said above, it is the level of scanning a QR code but is enough for emergency use, and it is not bad when well-lighted. But think out some good points, that sheet is cannot to be use normally. The starting speed is not bad. Basically, above-mentioned points are things I have to complain. Then I will talk about advantages. Performance is enough for daily use, and 4GB is fairly enough. Time of endurance is good, but the charging speed is too slow. I use 2 hours and 40 minutes to charge today. If you have a look when charging, it will be slower. Maybe some people cannot accept this speed in this time which has lots of fast chargers. Infrared function is convenient and frees me from looking for various kinds of household appliances’ remote control. Radio function is attractive for people like me who has special interest. The price is cheap enough to have no burden. It can upgrade the latest MIUI system in a relatively fast speed (although the stable version of MIUI9 hasn’t a upgrade notice). Because this version has sales in a great number, so the upgrades of system don’t need to worry about for a long time. That’s all. Following is pictures.

Appearance display,

“Family photo” is a little shabby.

RedMi Note4X Fresh Unboxing & Review: The reason for purchasing and the impression of using

This is symmetrical loudspeaker and traditional interface.

RedMi Note4X Fresh Unboxing & Review: The reason for purchasing and the impression of using

This is headphone jack and infrared emitter, and they are symmetrical.

RedMi Note4X Fresh Unboxing & Review: The reason for purchasing and the impression of using

This is postpositional fingerprint recognition. The identify speed is normal but the precision rate is good.

RedMi Note4X Fresh Unboxing & Review: The reason for purchasing and the impression of using

The body is ternary form. The obverse and the reverse is plastic sheet and the highlight plastic is transition.

The light blue of body is beautiful.

The chamfering process of body is good and full. The picture is the conjunction of middle frame, 2.5D-screen and back of the phone.


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