Resurrection Remix Rom For Redmi Note 4/4x (Rom with Tons Of Customization)


The Resurrection Remix is one of the most popular aftermarket ROMs available for dozens of Android devices. The Rom is quite popular among the users due to its stability, Performance, Excellent battery backup and most importantly its customization capabilities through which you can customize almost every aspect of your device more on that in the later part of the video.

Now recently I installed this rom on my Redmi note 4x and I was testing it since about a week and I found that the Rom was very stable, everything is working just fine and the battery backup is just insane.

So this is a video of me of sharing my experience with the Resurrection Remix rom and is it the best custom rom for Redmi note 4/4x.

Let’s find out.

Resurrection Remix Rom For Redmi Note 4/4x

Now the Resurrection Remix Rom is basically a 鈥淩emix’of the best feature found in AOKP, Lineage and Paranoid Android Roms. Meaning you will get the best of all.

So now let’s s tart with the UI, on the first boot you will get the option to choose between 2 different launcher, the first one is the old school Trebuchet Launcher and the other one is, as you might have already guessed, the pixel launcher which is now a days a default launcher in most of the custom Roms and this one is directly ported from the Upcoming Android O. But I personally prefer to use my all-time favourite Nova Launcher as it provides deep level of customization, which enable me to change every aspect of my home screen.

The home screen is quite stockish as well as the rest of the UI. In my usage of 1 week I didn’t face any lag while switching between the apps and the overall experience is just buttery smooth.

Overall in terms of UI there’s nothing really eye-catching or unique about Resurrection Remix until you enter the Configurations menu in Settings. If you know your way around, I can be sure you would have no trouble changing the UI to look the way you want.

There are numerous settings here for you to tinker with, and if this is your first time using a feature-packed custom ROM like Resurrection Remix, you might be overwhelmed at just how much you can change. If you love customization, this configurations menu is what heaven would be like. From what happens when you double tap your home button to letting any text be displayed in your Android’s status bar, there’s next to nothing you can’t change. Even the little things you never thought you鈥檇 want to play around with, like the animation when you toggle a quick setting, can be changed and you will love it.

So in short you can customize the status bar, Notification panel, recent menu, quick settings, lock screen, gestures, navigation keys, animations, interface and some miscellaneous ones woohhhoooo that’s not short man no not at all. I can make a whole 10 minute video in explaining just the features and customization that this rom has to offer.

  • Performance & battery Life

Moving forward to its performance and battery life, the performance of Resurrection remix rom is actually far better than the stock MIUI rom and that’s why now I am using this Rom as my daily driver due to its stability. The quicker animations of this rom make things look better as compared to stock MIUI Rom and personally I don’t like these highly skinned android version like MIUI, as they consume much more Ram then the stock ones and that’s the reason why resurrection Rom feels very light and snappy.

Everything on this rom is working like a charm like the finger print scanner, Camera and for those who are wondering that VOLTE is working or not, then yes it’s working just fine.

Taking about its battery life which I think is insane, as before installing this rom I was using the stock MIUI 8.2 rom which has a very good battery life, but after using this rom I can clearly say that this rom has far better battery backup then the stock Rom. In my day to day usage which include couple hours or gaming, zipping between different social media apps and normally taking some calls, I was easily getting more than 7 hours of screen on time which is quite enough to get me running throughout a day and still about 30 % of Juice lefts.

So all and all the Rom is pretty stable to use this as your daily driver and I didn’t encountered any bug or random reboots in my testing period.

There is no doubt that Resurrection Remix is one of the best custom ROMs available and the best thing that I liked about this rom is a large community and the updates are very constant. So if you are looking for a rom that offers tons of Customization options and still gives you a stock experience then I will highly suggest you to install this rom and you won’t regret.

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