Westerns are always concerning if it is safe to drink the water in China.
The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.

No is for tap water

Tap water is not safe in China. Even in the big cities like Beijing, the water itself might be free of contaminants but the plumbing in the city is old and therefore drinking the tap water is not safe, or using tap water for brushing your teeth. Most hotels will provide bottled water or a kettle to boil water. The water systems are kind of designed affected by Chinese water drinking culture. Chinese prefer hot water, all the time, summer and winter.
Boiling is kind of very Chinese way. In Chinese traditional medicine, hot water is good for health. And somehow, it helps Chinese girls to stay skinny. If you want to lose weight, here is an advice, Drink cup of hot water before each meal.

Yes is for bottle water

Nongfu Spring Water is my favourite. It is clean, clear, safe, cheap and easy to buy. My friend once test it with chemical strips, and it turns out Nongfu Spring Water is as safe as it says in their Ads.
Is it safe to drink the water in China? Yes and No

Besides Nongfu, WAHAHA is also a famous brand. It has more product lines than Nongfu.
Is it safe to drink the water in China? Yes and No

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