Say Goodbye To Kidney Stones With This Remedy


Kidney stones are one of the most common diseases of the urinary tract, but you don’t have to worry because there are many effective natural remedies to get rid of kidney stones. The symptoms of this disease are sudden lumbar pain. The stones can block the urethra, which leads to high temperature and urination pain. Figs are effective in getting rid of kidney stones. Figs generate heat and are digested very quickly. They are also known as a cough remedy. If eat figs on an empty stomach with almonds and walnuts it’s the equivalent of a full meal.

Here are several figs properties:
-are good for women and for nursing mothers. They reduce acid levels, improve diet and give a higher energy
-a small figs amount consumed when you have fever helps to relieve mouth dryness
-they anti-bacterial properties
-consumed daily, are useful for mental disorders
-improves liver, gallbladder and kidney functions
-reduces bladder and kidney inflammation
-are effective in sore throats
-figs and honey relieves cough
-stimulates blood circulation
-are good for insomnia

Recipe for kidney stones

Method of preparation:
Take some dried figs and cut them into small pieces. Soak them in a glass of freshly squeezed lemons and leave it overnight. In the morning pour 1 liter of boiling water over them and drink it on an empty stomach. After 7 days the urine should become darker in color. This is a sign that kidney stones began to dissolve.
Moreover, if you are dealing with this disorder, avoid sugar and consume foods rich in magnesium such as bananas, tofu and rice.

Say Goodbye To Kidney Stones With This Remedy

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